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    Crow Bar

    I believe Daisy did a article about this, but I thought to refresh it here.
    SO! The SHTF.
    What do you do to entertain yourself and your family?

    Here is one I recently stumbled upon: Kite flying. The wife was in Colorado for work. She came across a shop call Into the Wind. A kite store. She recalled a story I told her of me making kites as a kid. So she bought me a 2 line stunt kite. We have taken it out several times and it is a lot of fun.



    Around here we would probably go outside and watch the animals act like animals. Squirrels and birds can be very spastic around here!

    Other than that, books, coloring books, crafts, nagging each other, lego’s, wooden building blocks.



    Do you mean we are going to have time for entertainment after SHTF? @crow-bar, you’re such an optimist. 🙂


    James Mitchner

    I think the term “entertainment” after SHTF could be a matter of personal interpretation. *laugh*



    I just picked up some books at a yard sale about different card games you can play. I have several decks of cards, so I figure that might keep us occupied. I also have dominoes and typical board games.

    We are a pretty artsy family, so I figure we’d probably do some of that stuff, too. And I have a LOT of books. Like an entire room full. Fiction, non-fiction, how-tos, and all different genres. I’m always so happy when the power goes out because I actually have time to sit down and read for once.



    Oh – I also have 5 old-fashioned typewriters. They’re all in working order and I have lots of extra ribbons for them. I have reams and reams of typing paper. I could finally write the Great American Novel if things all go to heck.



    Books, playing cards and board games.

    All that gets really good to have when SHTF.


    Crow Bar

    We have a few decks of cards.

    And old style roll playing games too.


    Old Goat

    We read a lot even now and through other things we made through, but I also keep a bucket of cards and board games, yarn for some finger games, play games like I spy, and make thing like we did as kids like wagons and houses from shoe boxes for the hot wheel cars and our all time favorite story telling from the classics to made up stories everyone adds to as it goes around the room.


    OldMt Woman

    We’re book people.  I’ve really got a LOT of [free] ebooks toooooo…..which I’d be sad if I could not access.  But we also have the proverbial ‘one-thousand’ books in print too.  All sorts …lots of reference/medical.  AND my spiral notebooks and .5 mech pencils/erasers.  I love to write my stories and would have to return to handwritten.  Oye, that would be harder.  Used to have ancient non-elect typewriter.  Taught my girls to type on it long, long ago.  Still have elect one.  One spare ribbon, I’m afraid would be dry.

    FIVE of them, Daisy?  But then, that’s your profession – the written word!

    Kept all my childhood and daughters childhood board/card games.  Yeah..I have my Grma’s dominoes, actually.  And mine.  Forgot those.  One of our elderlies and I have gotten into the coloring books now available for ‘grown-ups’.  Lots of colored pencils/markers/gel glitter pens.  Also we do puzzles….what was old is now renewed.  Just finished a 1,000 piece one while I stayed with them.  Whew.  Even teen Grson helped with that one.

    Have stashed books about knit/crochet…since I never got past squares or scarves with either of those….and lot of yarn, hooks, needles, the knitting Nancy, oblongs, and an actual knitting machine.  From thrift stores/garage sales mostly.  Useful and pass time in post-StuffHitsFan.  Better get more reader glasses!

    Probably have other craft/hobby stuff that would then be useful.  …..whole set of leather working tools.  Don’t remember what else.  I used to teach crafts!

    OldMtWoman….how to I ever sort and eliminate stuff?

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    Old Mtn Woman,

    Don’t know if this is up your alley but I have to give the artist a plug, she’s an old friend.



    OldMt Woman

    VERY nice!  Reminds me of making pictures with that old “Spirograph”…..which I still have…somewhere.  Never thot of coloring in those Spirograph drawings.  But my elderly might just like that book for Christmas.  Thank you, Whirlibird.




    Spirograph, now there’s something I hadn’t thought of in years. Thanks for the memories.

    She also does some Celtic knot patterns that are amazing, all of it free hand. I still have a Christmas card from several years ago that I framed, even in black and white it’s something else.


    Sebastion Queeg

    One thing we do is take a laser pointer out where the chickens scratch. Point it at the ground and watch half the chickens chase and try to peck the dot and the other half run from it. 😉


    Peppy P

    I used to love Spirograph.

    I like the coloring books but puzzles are my favorite.  Jigsaw, crossword, soduko.  Not picky about the kind really.

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