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    Valerie Stonecypher

    Online, there seem to be as many articles sneering at the cost and minimal benefits (if any) of essential oils as there are testimonials from people touting their effectiveness against a wide range of disorders.

    Have you tried any? For what purpose? Do you feel they worked as expected?

    I tend towards the skeptical side.

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    I know some people swear by them, but they also make money off selling them.

    Most of the companies are based on a priamid type system that to me screams scam, unless you happen to be an A-grade hustler.

    Guess I’m not an EO believer lol.

    I prefer to use more of the actual plant.

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    Oil of oregano works for flu.

    Mint works.great as rodent deterrent

    Mushroom extracts work better than antibiotics

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    I grew up using essential oils and herbals. They are fantastic and have saved our lives more than once. My mom is a certified herbalist. If you want to get into essential oils, I suggest buying a book about them, not just looking up how to use them online though. The information is more valid in a book than on the internet. The book, “The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Aromatic Oils In Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Health, and Well Being” I personally believe is the best one out there.

    As for companies who sell essential oils, I kind of can’t stand most of them. They charge too much or they expect you to become a “member” and buy a certain amount of product a month and get other people to sign up for it. It’s just crap if you ask me. I prefer Plant Guru. They have a store on Amazon as well, and their herbals are very affordable and reliable.

    We use herbals and essential oils for flus, cuts, bruises, headaches, etc. I even use them for natural pest repellent and to keep plants healthy (by keeping aphids off them). They are very beneficial if used correctly. If you are looking into starting using herbals and essential oils, please get some tests done to find out what you might be allergic to first, and remember, topical and ingestible are two different things. Not all essential oils and herbs are safe to ingest.

    Consult a doctor to make sure the herbs and essential oils you want to use won’t interact with your current medications, diseases you might have, etc. Kind of like: You shouldn’t use anything grapefruit if you have diabetes meds.

    I hope this helps.

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    I use essential oils sparingly in herbal salves and balms that I make and occasionally will spritz a few combined with water around the house. I am more of an herbalist in the day to day.

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    I use the odd essential oil for topical products I’m making, as well as for cleaning products. There are oils that are truly fantastic when you’re suffering from a cold, congestion, or headaches.

    That being said, I certainly don’t believe the magical claims of the EO pimps. Some of it is truly ridiculous. I will never forget this lady who was promoting cinnamon essential oil during the Ebola scare. There was one person who cited some legitimate scientific studies that used the oil along with other therapies, but one chick said all she’d do was give her family cinnamon EO and I was gobsmacked.

    Companies like Young Living and DoTerra are almost cult-like in the way they get their MLM people pumped about the products. They have huge gatherings and they cheer and they give awards and I find it scary that this is taking the place of medical care for so many people. Then again, I suppose all remedies are business at some level.

    There’s a time and a place for all sorts of remedies, both modern and natural.

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    Molly Malone

    I like EOs for the way they make my home smell nice. That does uplift my spirits. I use several citrusy EOs for the daytime. Around the holidays I use EOs like cinnamon, clove, orange to make the home smell Christmas-y.

    I can attest that bugs hate orange EO. I have sprinkled orange EO drops in places to chase off spiders and centipedes.

    I hadn’t thought about diffusing oil of oregano or another EO for colds and flus. Must try that.

    I have a sibling who swears that there are certain EOs that when diffused calmed down her (now grown) kids around bedtime and naptime.

    I did buy some expensive EOs through Tropical Traditions. The brand is called Florihana and comes from France. I do notice a distinct difference between cheap and expensive EOs. They smell different, they smell stronger, and you use many fewer drops.

    But Florihana is expensive. Nowadays I buy NOW brand from Amazon. Reasonably priced.

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    I use essential oils every day, especially for solid surface cleaning. I make my own fabric softener and laundry detergent and generally put a few drops of lavender EO in those products for the lovely, clean smell it leaves. Tea Tree EO helps both DH and I if we get itchy scalp, adding a drop or two in our shampoo. It’s also great for bug bites diluted with a carrier oil. Of course always do a skin patch test 24 hours before trying EO on your skin because they are potent! You don’t want to make things worse if you are allergic 😮

    If anyone is interested, here’s the all-purpose cleaner I make with EO’s:
    1 capfull Thieves EO
    5 drops Lemon EO
    5 drops Purification EO
    24 oz. water
    Put all in spray bottle and top off with white vinegar. Shake well before using.

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    My middle granddaughter is learning about these. She started doing it as she liked using them for air freshener. But now she is learning more about them and what can help with which ailment. She is 22 years old so good one for her to learn while we learn other things that we need to know. We will be putting it all to good use one day. We are trying to have each member of our family according to age to learn all kinds of things. Everyone has a job of some sort to learn the skills.

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    Essential oils were just recently in the national spotlight, as they aren’t regulated and there are a few, which are endocrine disruptors, so dosage and and exposure times need to be known.

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    Just as a PSA: keep essential oil diffusers away from your cats! I don’t imagine dogs would benefit either but cats can be fatally poisoned very quickly with an oil diffuser in the room.


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