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    John Park

    Should the poop ever hit the venting, bad guys (an invading army or a totalitarian state) may have technology that makes it all too easy to be on the receiving end of something like a hellfire missile. Here are a few ideas:

    Thermal Suit vs. MVT Shield

    MVT SHIELD: Availability Imminent

    Building A Homemade Thermal Evasion Suit To Hide From Drones

    As I understand it, the key ingredient is the radiant barrier like they use in building homes. I would imagine you would want the thickest, non-perforated stuff out there, then some soft spacious material, another layer of barrier?, and then the tarp over that – but I’m just guessing.

    I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.

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    xtron jones

    back in the day, I worked on the thermal imaging system on the M-1 tank.
    it was the most advanced and sensitive system t time. I could tweek it to the point it could see the snow on top of a tree branch at 20 below zero.
    but it could NOT see the driver of a Humvee thru the windshield or a passenger if the plastic window was up.
    the thing is, thermals “see” the first object in it’s line of sight. it can’t (or couldn’t) see thru glass or plastic.
    if I were trying to defeat a TIS or even an old fashioned infared system, I would use clear plastic staples to a frame. that way I could see the other guys, but would be screened from their system. since the shape of the screen would show up and be a giant give away, I would camouflage it with weeds, branches, whatever is in the immediate area that would break up the shape of the screen.
    don’t know if it would work or not, but that would be my best guess to staying undetected.

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    Topic remains interesting.  I’ve seen a number of approaches.  The thermal-trap ghillie suit seems best to me so long as weather is cool enough to allow its use..

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