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    Angry Bovine

    Thought you all might find this interesting (especially keto aficionadoes?): https://msutoday.msu.edu/news/2018/exercise-linked-to-a-healthy-gut-and-bones/

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    Livingthe Dream

    Interesting article. I follow the keto way of eating and this adds to the reasons I need to exercise regularly.

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    Lynn McCartney

    I also follow the Ketogenic way of eating and have been a regular exerciser for decades.

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    I have never been one to follow the fad diets no matter how much they are touted as ‘the one’. This one sentence, however, put a horrible picture in my mind!

    “…In addition to causing obesity, a high-fat diet can cause increased fat in the bone marrow. …”

    I know some people get positive results from the different diets out there, but I’d rather just eat food from across the board, fat and sugar included. If I cut out or deny myself something in my diet for too long my body rebels and that is an ugly scene to watch.

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    Crow Bar

    A few years ago I was eating bacon and eggs on a nearly daily basis.
    Went to the Dr.s and to my surprise, and her’s, my cholesterol numbers were fantastic!
    However, those were our free range eggs, and my own minimally processed, pasture ranged pork/bacon.

    Now that the season is winding down, I will have to put myself back on a regular exercise routine.

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    @crazy-me, that’s the way I go, eat everything in moderation. It seem to work for me since I weight now the same I weighted when I was 20 and my weight has always been withing few pounds of this. I hardly ever see a doctor, take no medicine and all my blood test are perfect.

    You say:

    I know some people get positive results from the different diets out there

    but what people always seem to forget is that they work for people who had problems before and hardly anyone talk of long term results. I always hear “I lost 50 lbs and my cholesterol is great.” But that means that person was 50 lbs or more overweight. Where will he be in a couple of years?

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