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    Though they fail to account he has got supplies from modern world ie clothes, food ingredients,  house items like mattress.  No way on 3 acres could you self sustain expecially heating wood. But otherwise farther than I would go unless forced to.

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    I think this guy is pretty cool. Short of wearing a loincloth (or Kilt), he’s got it down pat for simple living.

    The article had a point with getting geezerly though, arthritis is tough, and it’s quite possible that one day this guy may decide to rejoin the “sick” and evil masses in modern society. But then again, maybe not.

    More power to him. Interesting article post, ty.

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    James Mitchner

    I sense there are things regarding this guy’s lifestyle that are not being told.  I doubt his three acres provide him with all that firewood, for instance.  He is still engaging in activities that require money.  You can claim to live the life of a fish, but when you have to stick your nose above the surface to catch a breath of air you really aren’t living like a fish.  In ways that notion is comparable to those who claim to live this self-sustaining lifestyle.  They must still rely on some conveniences of the modern world to make it happen.

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    There is a good video on a term evolutionary Rubicon.  Once we pass certain points going back nearly possible. An example  is humans learning to use  fire after a certain point we can not go back to raw diet as our body can no longer get enough nutrients from all raw food and no fire for heating.


    It is suggested we are past a technological one where we as a species can no longer exist without tool making.


    Your thoughts?

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    Crow Bar

    Oh, I agree we can never go back to a pre-tool like lifestyle.

    I know a number of socialists who really do believe our way of life would go back to hunter-gatherer like post a serious SHTF event.

    What I think will more interesting is to what level will some try to regain our current lifestyle (internet, JIT/BAU food supply system, etc.). I know of more than a few preppers for whom maintaining their current lifestyle and comfort post SHTF is paramount.
    Those who understand the situation, accept it, and move on to the new emerging life will fair far better.

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    Trying to maintain current living standards post shft is a recipe for disaster. Think about this no more fuel and you have to heat a house with 2 adults two kids, trees are 5 miles away ( not in city) how do you cut drag  enough wood to heat your place one winter? Remember you need to keep security up as well as farm, hunt , repair. Now what happens if someone gets sick?


    Our privacy and non communal spaces will have to alter drastically. One person per room yeah that won’t happen unless isolation for disease. Need at least 8 people to just run security for 24 hour coverage.

    Thinking you can store enough good food for anything past 10 years gets iffy. Will need new fresh food intakes which requires hard work and skills.


    Just think where would you get salt and sugar post shft? How  much do you have? Cooking oil? Post shft I am hoping to keep 3000 calories a day per adult and 2000 per child till 16. I burn that right now each day with equipment.



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    James Mitchner

    Should the worst imaginable scenario actually occur, after the die-off, those remaining will still have lifetimes of modern-made materials in which to re-purpose to meet their needs.  It will require a lot of adaptation on the part of the survivors, but the children born after the event will likely have an easier time of it considering that way of life will be all they have ever known.

    There is an article on ZH today that touches on the global energy situation that I found interesting with regard to a fossil fuel resource that is dwindling much more than TPTB are telling.  https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-11/world-america-youre-fired.  It touches on other issues as well that will/could/might impact the ability of the “developed” societies to continue as they are.

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    Crow Bar

    Yep, read that one too.

    I think it was the 2008 Joint Operations Environment (JOE) that stated we needed to find like another 3 Saudia Arabias to meet global oil demand.
    The “Shale Miracle” did stave that off, but only to a degree. The fact those wells deplete at an exponential rate is largely unmentioned.

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      James Mitchner

      What was surprising to me was reading that shale oil is too light to distill into fuel and must be blended with heavier crude… which is mostly imported.  No one told us that!

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    I saw this before. I would think that for firewood purposes alone you would need 200 to 300 acres of land and then a way somewhere down the line to plant more trees. I would think that to live solely off grid, it will take a lot more skills than what he shows.

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