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    This will be my first year trying it. I just put down some seeds for radishes, spinach, cabbage, fall/winter lettuce blend and a few sections of crop cover seeds. Wish me luck!! It just got done pouring down rain so the ground is already wet and the blood suckers were on high alert so I had to work fast!

    My neighbor thinks I’m crazy 🙂

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    Yay! a garden is always a good thing. Enjoy!

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    I am hoping it grows. I am still getting some peppers from the plants that are growing. A Carolina Reaper just turned red 🙂

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    How did the garden go for you?  I’m excited to hear!

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    We didn’t plant anything through the winter. We were going to plant collards but hubby said he just wasn’t up to doing it this past winter in the cold weather. But we are getting ready for spring planting now. Hubby said he hopes the tiller will work this year as it is about 30 years old now. The funny thing is we went 4 years without doing a garden and when we started to do one again,  he thought he had winterized it. Well when we got ready to start a garden again it was half full of gas from that  time we didn’t do the garden. That tiller started right up with 4 year old untreated gas. That has been one good tiller or some very good gas.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    My Indian onions have come up under this last snow.

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      Crow Bar


      I planted garlic and let some of the smaller potatoes go to seed.
      Will see what makes it this spring.

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    We left 2 5 x200 foot rows of potatoes half dug and planted a row of same size of garlic before freeze up.


    To get strong garlic flavor we add pine needles to amend soil before planting. 1 cubic yard of pine needles is good for 2 rows that size.


    Our medicinal herb garden is doing well the arnica and comfrey need to be contained lol and the valerian root and lemon balm is taking over in the corners.


    Super potent valerian root have to be careful or you are cloudy minded next day.


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      Matt In Oklahoma

      That’s good and interesting info on the pine needles

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    We were able to grow tomatoes inside last year , but they did a little too well , they took over . This year will be peppers .

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    Crow Bar

    For S&Gs I think I am going to try to plant some beans indoors.

    The Rosemary, Summer thyme, and sage are doing okay. Not great.

    My dwarf lime tree produced limes! Saved the seeds, but will not try to plant them till it gets warmer. While the house is warm, not sure for something like seeding a critrus plant.

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    Atypical Sapien

    Crow Bar- My 15 yo lemon tree started flowering a few weeks ago. I get lemons about once every three years. I tried growing coffee plants until I got my first few beans and then the plants took over the sun room. They were adopted by a loving shrubless couple.

    For the past several years my Superbowl Sunday afternoon is spent starting Cherokee Purple seeds. I plan on starting earlier this year but still won’t watch a pack of millionaires play with a little ball.

    I salvaged a bunch of large double-pane windows from a church who was upgrading. My intent was to finish my greenhouse this past fall. Hopefully it will be the first project of spring. Add hydroponics to the list of things I want to learn….

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