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    Crow Bar

    It is February!

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    Guess everyone is dealing with storms or getting the gardens ready.

    Well, I reseeded some bare spots and the grass is coming up nicely.

    Added steri-strips to my first aid kit. Also purchased pop-up towels to add to the pandemic box. Will need to check on my OTC stash to see what/if anything expired.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

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    Mama cando

    hi all, Still alive and kicking LOL. Been busy helping DIL2, not sure if I posted this but her father passed away 3 weeks ago and it’s been very hard on her. Her 2 sisters haven’t been any help. So she (and Son2) have had to step up and get things done. Her mother doesn’t drive (and both sisters don’t drive either) so my DIL has had to do all the running around. Her boss has been wonderful with letting her take time off to get things done but she feels a guilty taking the time off but what can one do with the businesses she has to deal with only open during the week. She put together a Celebration of her father’s life on his birthday last Thursday. It was really nice, I don’t think her mother knew how many people her husband knew and interacted with on a daily basis. My SIL and I are going to a “Women’s Expo” on Friday. They have a couple of good speakers I want to hear according to the schedule I’ve seen. They are talking small area gardening and small area composting and other more self sufficient subjects. Last time we went all they had was a lot of vendors like Mary Kay, linens etc. SIL and I haven’t gone in quite a few years but my friend says it’s much better now, more learning opportunities rather than people selling stuff. So we’ll see how it goes. Other than keeping close to home to avoid crowds right now not been up to doing much. The weather has been so inconsistent, I’m not sure if its Spring or Winter any more HA HA HA!! Seed catalogues are starting to come in  So I’m plotting and planning the garden. Have signed up for an online tutorial so I’ll be watching and learning. Maybe THIS year I’ll get tomatoes to grow LOL. Stay safe  and may the Good Lord keep you all.

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    Seems everyone is off doing something. No one on here much in awhile.

    Mama Cando Hope all is going better for your DIL now.  I know how that can be as I have been there as well plus dealing with my DH’s health issues as well.

    Starting trying to grow veggies from store bought scraps. Lettuce is doing well on dinning room table.  I bought some from store and put in water for 3 days and it started growing the next day. Now I have it in garden soil and is still going strong. Going to try celery next time. As I don’t have any except what I chopped up and froze for soups and things.

    Been looking at garden and trying to decide how I want to do the raised beds as well as get the 2 green houses up and going.  Need to get Daughter and SIL over here to help me get things set up.  Wanting to make it easier on DH so he can at least go out there and piddle with it.  He loves to garden and needs something easy for him to do.

    Got 2 of the pantries cleaned out and reorganized. Now I can find things. Need to buy some organic eggs to can some pickled eggs with. They are so good.

    Hoping to see everyone on here again soon. But know it is soon going to be garden time.

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      Mama cando

      Thank you little sister, It’s been going slow for DIL. The older sister is not speaking to her or their mother. Younger sister is getting certified as a home health aide so she can live with mom in the Senior living facility. Had Son2 and DIL (and the grands) for dinner Friday, she says until she gets the keys for mom, she’s in a waiting pattern. The person in charge says there is a 2 bedroom apartment that will be ready 3/1. So we’re just waiting on that.. They went to IKEA to get smaller furniture for mom and sister Friday. Understandably mom doesn’t want to take the queen sized bed with her. Other than that Son 1 went to court last week and got ALL his time back with the 2 older grands. Not sure if I had posted but when he went overseas for his job in October, she went and tried to have his rights permanently terminated. Judge said no and told her that Son1 had to be there. So that was what happened but she wants to change the agreement now. Thank you all for the prayers, please keep them up as they will be back to court in April to “discuss” the current agreement. Which by the way has WORKED(for 3 years) till he got a job for 2 months overseas and wanted to have the kids for his SCHEDULED holiday time. She’s been ordered to let the kids have passports, she said she did but 2 days after Son1 left, said no she didn’t get them and kids couldn’t go. Good thing, DH and I hadn’t purchased our tickets, we were bringing the kids there and bringing them back Thanksgiving week. Otherwise WE’D be in court trying to get our money back from her. Thank you all for your prayers. I had really hoped this year would be better LOL. We’re going down next month for the baby’s birthday so it will make a nice break from the snow and cold here.. Have gotten a couple of seed/ flower catalogues and have done an on-line seminar on small area gardening, can’t wait to get started. I’ve learned so much. Hoping THIS year we’ll be able to fence in part of the “backyard” as we’ve discussed and get the raised beds and compost box going soon. It’s also to have a safer place for the kids to run around. We live on a fairly busy main drag and I want a safe place for the little ones to run around in.

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    hi, all! just stopping by before bed to see what all is going on….seems we’ve had hardly any winter in my neck of the woods…not that i’m complaining and who knows? we may yet get some wintery weather….I’ve been exercising faithfully since last Oct and can report I’m significantly stronger than before…family bought me an Apple watch that monitors so many things…keeps me moving and motivated…tells me when I’ve sat too long and tells me to breathe deeply if it senses stress…not sure how the thing works but I truly believe it is adding years to my life…of course I’m a fairly competitive person so I respond positively to the daily challenges it presents…if you can swing it financially, I can’t recommend it too highly!!!!…trying to live off my pantry this month to stay out of the crowds…not terribly worried about the coronavirus…just find it curious…anyhow, hoping all ya’ll are well and taking time to consider how short life is and whether you want to allow drama in your life…:) i’m beginning to think about starting some seeds in my shed for early start to transplant…gardening remains a hobby that interests me…laters, everyone!!!

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    Crow Bar

    Yep, it has been a weird winter.
    Yo-yos between very cold (single and negative digits) then back up to the mid30s-low40s. Bunch of snow melt, the 8-10inches. Crazy!

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    Crow Bar

    Here is the potato rolls I made.
    First pic is of pre-baking. Half way through I then separate them and let them finish baking (second pic).


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    Crow Bar

    And this is “Rich man’s” brioche.

    It has a whole pound of butter in it!

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    grannyj smith

    Guess I haven’t done much to post about this month, except everyday household chores.  I did get the freezer moved from the other house down to the farmhouse and organized the pantry as best I could.

    I have canning jars in the pantry I need to wash and pack away to get extra room on the shelf, but have to wait till I get more bubble wrap.  For those of you that home can how many jars do you’ll use yearly for canning?  I ask this because dh thinks I need to pare down on canning jars since I have not use them in a few years, but I think I need to keep them.

    I found some meat on sale this week while picking up milk and butter, so I purchased a couple packages to put in the freezer, but have not been grocery shopping this month as I had planned to do because flu is still really bad in this area and I want in and out of the store fast.  Hope they are able to get that coronavirus under control before it ends up becoming a pandemic which I am no where close to being ready.


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      Crow Bar

      I am of the opinion you can never have too many canning jars.
      It is not like they go bad!

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    It has been awhile since I have reported in. All is well. It is cold here, below zero, and over two feet of snow on the ground. I’d need snowshoes to get to our gardens. The wind is whipping the snow horizontally over the sidewalk. Driveway is icy underneath what our neighbor plowed. Since it is winter, we just do not get out much; there is no need to go anywhere, and by choice. Grandkids are all in school and our kids are working. So, we stay home, warm and cozy. Plus, trying to do more than our lethargic winter bodies want to do is a challenge. I just need to get off my chair and computer and get stuff done. Visits to the grocery store, and Ham Radio Club, and a couple birthdays is all since the beginning of the year.

    VIRUS: I am very concerned about having the right supplies to take care of our family if the Covid-19 virus should reach our state. I do not think that will really happen, though.  I have organized some things into one bucket, clearly labeled, so we can find it. In it are NEW bottles of the meds and anti-germ cleaning supplies. Yes, we have stuff on our shelves already. This bucket is not to be touched unless we are sick. That way I know we have not depleted anything. We are doing this slowly since there is not a lot of disposable income. Yes, I know, meds and hydrogen peroxide, etc., are not frivolous, but they just do not fall into the normal range. Finding masks is impossible in the stores. I only have a few masks, and I have no coveralls or goggles. Found out our gloves are nearly gone. It is time for a couple new boxes in different sizes.

    I started writing a letter to our two children, my daughter and to Hubby’s son. I don’t know if we will send it. I figured we should write it now when we have the leisure of time, that way I can get the lists right, and phrase and re-phrase things. The letter is quite long. In it I talked about the possible emergencies that could happen in the nearby major metropolitan complex. I listed what they need to have in their homes to survive a lock down, and what meds they need to treat the virus. Plus gave them some links to online lists and articles.

    I’d like to actually visit with them and not just send it. I don’t want to include the younger grandchildren in the discussion until I can make sure their parents are in a good state of mind. Although, my grandsons know we prep, following in our grandparent’s footsteps, they just don’t quite understand why we are so serious about it now. I know my daughter will just pooh-pooh our concerns about the virus, the complications of having people quarantined and no utilities or food deliveries, and any possible chaos after a brutal election, or the downfall of our government. She chooses not to pay attention to bad things and they never watch the news. Hubby’s D.I.L.is more aware and we can have discussions about possible scenarios. They are never long because we don’t want to scare the kids. The problem is, our children may be TOO educated and ignore the warnings thinking that they are smart enough to work through it. My daughter’s house has no basement so she really has no place to store food and water. Step-son has room.

    In the letter I have asked them to get a 5-gallon container for each person in the house. I know it will not last long, but it is a start. Plus, they could bring the containers here if necessary and if they can use a car. Plus, I asked for every person to come up with a menu for five days and bring it along with them here. Even the 13-year old can plan a week’s worth of food that he likes. He enjoys cooking with me when he is here.

    I have also been talking to Hubby about how we would handle 9+ people staying with us. We have had them overnight very few times, and never more than three at a time. I can think about and imagine scenarios. I can see how things will work and flow. I know how to organize three families in the kitchen, their stuff on shelves, etc. He just cannot see it. I think of a big picture and then the details fill in. He cannot get past one detail especially if it means him changing his habits. It is hard to old folks to change habits.

    So, with all of that dystopia in mind I have been:

    Practicing my Morse Code. I had a lesson from a couple of Morse Code Key users at the last radio club. It made a big difference. Now it is just getting my ear tuned up to hear it.

    Canning from the freezer. I made a pork, sweet potato, and dark beer stew that is delicious. Flemish pork and onion stew it is called. I need to get more pork roast to make more since I only got four jars. A turkey does not really yield a lot either. I did make some pot pie filling that will be hearty, plus some plain jars of turkey in broth, and just broth.  Lots more to go, but I am getting there. I am only buying what I need to get those items canned. Plus stocking up for the virus.

    I am watching a pheasant walking through our woods. There were some in a gaggle two weeks ago, looking for mates. I thought it was a bit early. Perhaps we will have a big bunch this year and actually harvest some.

    I am also looking into closets to remove clothes that just do not fit, or that at my age of 70 will not wear again. Do I need business suits?  I do not need that sequined gown that I bought for 1/3 the price 30 years ago. Do it? Just checking. Besides it is way too small now. The idea here, is, not only do we not need those clothes, we could use the space for the families if they visit. Plus, if I do it now, our kids will not have to the work if it becomes their duty.

    I have packed up some extra glassware, and other trinkets that the family does not want. Saving for a garage sale. I am having trouble getting Hubby off his mark to empty some boxes. We need the space. We need two or more new heavy shelves for our L.T.S in the basement. I have filled it all with my filled canning jars and there is no room for the empty ones, or the other canning supplies, or paper supplies, etc. Found a deal on 100 heavy duty paper plates at the grocery store for ½ price; one bucket full. Now I need paper bowls.

    I’d also like to be able to get a couple bunk beds for the family. There were some online that I wanted to buy through our local city’s sale page, but did not get them. The bunks can stay in the basement until they are needed. With one grandson at 6’4”, and his younger brother supposed to be taller, perhaps we should get the extra long beds. Gigantic sweethearts.

    And now here comes one deer to brazenly eat the sunflower seeds on the ground under the feeders. Hubby thinks these are the, now there are – TWO, fawns that he rescued last spring. And they are not afraid of us or the house. They just look at us and do not bolt. Now, four. I wish I could tell them apart. Five. He needs to get his hunting rifle fixed.

    I finished knitting one blanket for a pregnant niece and it is time to do the other one. I don’t like the yarn I bought for her, it is too coarse, so, it is going back. I think blankets should be soft and cuddly, not firm and rough. Perhaps firm for a blanket ON a bed, but not for a snuggly one.

    Another thing I am trying to do is organize our recipes. I keep trying new ones, and am disappointed that they do not work. The revised recipes, with the regular meal size and the canning directions are going into a notebook so I don’t have to search for them again.

    My grandson #1 is coming home from college for his three-day weekend. We will brave a trip into the big city to visit and see what we can pick up on the way there for supplies. My dear daughter is very close to finishing her practicum hours for her Master’s in Family Therapy. She is so happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel and so far is really enjoying her job. I am very proud of her, as are her sons. I supposed S.I.L is, too, but he does not speak with me on the phone as much as every one else does.

    Take care of yourselves. Avoid crowds. Stay Healthy.


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      Crow Bar

      @Cinnamon Granny,

      Good thinking about the letter. And for thinking ahead about having to house all those people!

      Cold here too. Was -19 when I first woke up this morning. The real problem is, we have started on the firewood that is like 2-3years old. It has been in the shed the whole time so it is dry, but may be too dry! It burns hot, but fast! We are going through a cord a week.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Mama Cando: I hope your DIL2 is doing well. It is tough being the responsible one in the family. I hope everything eases soon and she will actually have a chance to grieve.

    Muffy: Enjoy your lack of winter. Ours has been both mild, above record temps in Jan., and lots of snow. Keep up the exercise.

    CrowBar: I enjoy looking at your bread pictures. I can just taste them. Hubby makes our bread, but it has so many healthy ingredients in it is does not taste light and fluffy and yeasty the way yours look.

    Granny Smith: Don’t pare down on jars. You will use them. Remember, the foods will last for more that one winter. If you have ever ready Jackie Clay-Atkinson, she looks at it this way: a pint of beans for the two of them times 52 weeks, a pint of apples x 2 x 52 weeks. List what you like to eat then make is x 52 weeks, or twelve months. That will help you figure it out. I think about that when I can. My pantry is not organized/designed to handle to do, or even get that many done.

    Granny: was it you that said you found a can of seeds? I would open them. Check to see if they are even any good. They may have gotten wet and will not sprout. They may not be anything to would use. If you did not put them there before, then you should check them. Be sure to get some more this spring and vacuum seal them into a jar. Put the canning jar into the freezer to preserve for future use. Keys to keeping seeds from sprouting: lack of moisture, light, and heat.

    Take care, All.

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    Finally after the 5th time signing in, it’s working. For now anyway.. Issues for a long while with staying signed in.

    Glad to see the forum active again.

    Crowbar, I was coming over for a taste of your bread but the forum kept kicking me off. Oh well maybe next time cause I know you have eating that bread by now. It  looks so good.

    Cinnamon Grammy, that virus is already here in the US.  15 confirmed cases so far and the HHS/CDC plus the health depts. in Seattle, San Fran, Chicago, NYC, and LA are now testing patients presenting with flu-like symptoms for COVID-19 coronavirus. This is in from Alerts USA.  USNORTHOM implementing DoD Globbal campaign plan for pandemic diseases for force protection and community-based assistance.

    They are now saying we should all prepare and have the N95 mask or better. All this coming from the Alerts USA. There are things and info that I will get to you as soon as I can on killing the virus on doorknobs etc.  Not cheap, but well worth the price. These are what I got from Daisy’s report in email and took her advice and bought the cleaner. Can’t think of the name of it off hand but will go check it out a bit later.  Homeland security is telling us to get prepared. This also is in from USA Alerts. I was already prepared without really knowing it.  I had the mask already from when the doctor I used to work for retired. Gave me over 100 of them. Seems when the last pandemic hit, doctors had to get prepared and he went over board. So I made out when he retired on lots of stuff, He gave me. Sadly though he passed away the end of Jan. He was 90 years old. I always called him when I had a health question. He was my go to doctor even though he was retired. Will be greatly missed.  His family though was from Japan and with the spread of the corona virus in Japan I decided for the sake of DH whom has been in bad health, not to risk going to the family night. Japan family everywhere. Didn’t think they would be able to get here with all the airport mess. But most of them were able to make it.

    And yes, You cannot have to many canning jars. Hang on to them. The day might come when you will need them. I keep my extra in the shed I bought for my attic. No more climbing into that attic when I need something. But it does hold a lot of paper goods. Still got to go up there to reorganize all of it and move the rest of the toilet paper into plastic containers.

    Cinnamon Grammy, Writing letters to the kids is a good idea. Mine live not far from me and are clueless as to what is going on. One of my granddaughters is a scribe for the ER and she is fully aware of what is going on and trying to talk to her it will never happen mother. She still lives with them so they will be getting prepared. They just don’t know it yet.

    Glad to see that everyone is doing well and getting back on here. I hope I don’t get kicked off again. Don’t know why that kept happening. Signing in several times just to read was getting bad.

    I am ready to get a garden started, though my plans were to just hit the farm markets this year with DH being sick. He is doing better now but not sure  if he will be able to do the garden this year. Will see how it goes. But with the virus and everything else happening, I feel it might be better to do a garden even it is smaller than what we usually do. I can still hit the farm markets as well.


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    Crow Bar

    @Cimmamon and Little Sis,
    Yep, the bread was great! Add a little jam and it is practically breakfast.

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    The wipes and cleaners I got from Daisy’s email is Oxivir Tb. All of you may have gotten it as well.

    Today did some dusting and cleaning then went to store to pick up RX. Came back fixed lunch for DH and myself and went over the taxes. Yes it’s that time again. More paper work. Like I don’t have enough paper work to keep up with.

    Have been thinking about the garden and what my plans are going to be. DH may not be able to do much to help me this year and I don’t want him to mess with tiller after what happened last year. Scared me half to death when he fell and his hand was that close to the blades. So will get son in law to do that part if I decide to do one. I really think this virus is going to direct my path on the garden. Though I am about as set as I can be for it. I should check my gloves as DH keeps getting into them for his little projects. But think I am still ok as a couple of years ago I hid a bunch from him. But will check. I think the only thing I don’t have are the coveralls for protection. Just not at the point of rather I will go that far or not yet.

    Take care everyone and no falling on ice and snow. That is not allowed.

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    Xant Dewit

    Hello all, I fell of the internet since ive been moving house. With two teenagers. I rather give birth to them again this move. It was really awful. And as a prepared person you have a lot of stuff. Which meant I couldn’t ask for much help. I tried but ppl were like throw it out. All of it why do you need canning jars l, equipment and food storage. So I quit asking for help and it was tough move if on my own.
    but I managed even though I’m not finished all my stuff yet. But that is ok. I try to take it but by bit.
    mom trying to get off grid-ish as possible. I have 12 solar panels and trying to install  a solar heat system. I also have a Rayburn wood cooker which will be installed on the solar water heat system. But it is hard to find someone here with the knowledge. I will have to keep on looking.

    I am rethinking and redoing my preps and bobs first ade and such. I also am working on restarting my ferments and sourdough.
    so slowest getting back on track. I’m glad to be back!

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    Xant Dewit,  You have been busy. Moving is a chore. My granddaughter and her DH is going through that now.  Moving from Maryland to Washington State. That is a long tough move. I know how it is when you have preps and don’t want that known. Makes having help more of a limited deal.  Hope your teenagers were a big help in getting all that packing and moving done.

    Went to Church this morning, then came home, fixed lunch and now DH is taking a nap. Will be heading back to Church tonight. So not doing much today. They don’t call it a day of rest for nothing. So we are taking it easy. Next week will be a busy week for us.

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    Found out about DH’s test this past Wed. He has NASH Cirrhosis of the liver caused from his diabetics. There is some scaring but not bad. We are going to try to turn this around so he is now on a liver detox. Liv 52 and Milk Thistle. Got to get his diabetics under control which may mean a new primary care doctor or finding a doctor that deals with diabetics. Family doctor told him at his age he can eat what he wants. Well with an A1C of 7.0 at last lab results, that is not good. Way to high. So now maybe he will do as he is told about taken his metformin and eating like he should.  This may be what all the fluid is coming from and not cong. heart failure. But the Lord is in charge and we will get him straight.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Mama Cando: Hope all works out well for your families. Sometimes the “other” family just does not act like a family should.

    Muffy: Glad you can exercise. It is something that never seemed to be important in my family – no participation in sports, no competitive needs, or need to look/feel buff. Your exercise will go a long way to maintaining your health so good for you.

    Little Sister:  I understand your dilemma.  My 80-year old mother-in-law was told she was old and to ignore her aches and pains.  Her cancer had returned.  My father, in his 80s was told to eat what he wanted, because he was old, and not to worry about his Type-2 Diabetes.  He should live his life the way he wanted to despite my brother telling him to eat better.  Brother thought that a better diet would reverse the need for medication that his 80-year old father needed because he was 80. Balance is needed, and the realization that some conditions can be controlled for better quality of life, and when there is not much quantity of life left.  No one knows so we try for quality and length.

    For me, the winter inertia sets in and is a challenge to overcome. I love to read and learn new things, so I would rather explore on the internet or read a book than get up and get things done. So, I fight that everyday and try to work around the house. I am working on emptying my freezers, yes I have two, plus a second refrigerator that all cost money to operate. Gradually the foods are made into meals or canned. It is easier to cook up new things than get rid of old stuff/junk.

    Our basement has one wall of just food storage. Six sturdy shelves from U-Line in various sizes. I need about three more, including one just for the empty canning jars. Some shelves we inherited and now try to get the same depth and height.

    The rest of the basement is still full of boxes of Stuff. Hubby was a research professor and has information going back 60 years. I have craft supplies, old teaching materials, and stuff for scrapbooks. All of that needs to just disappear. So, I try to get to a box a day and throw things away. TRY. Some items are being kept, but better organized.

    My daughter told her step-sister-in-law that she wanted to just take the items that they wanted –from my family and his family, and let the person who does estate sales deal with the rest.   In order to find what they might want, the boxes need to be opened and organized and labeled.

    Hubby’s dilemma is that he has information about the birds he saw in high school (class of ’57) and he does not want to part with them. Heart strings! Mine, too for various items. Do I really need those decorative/collectible tea cup/saucer sets and do not use but were given by family or purchased on family vacations? Nope. Can I put them in a box for a sale? Different issue.

    Since we live in the country, and ½ mile off a county road, we doubt not get many visitors if we held a garage sale here. I proposed and Hubby agreed that we rent a space in town for the annual September all-city garage sale. That gives me a deadline. Now, I/We must go through: three outbuildings plus my craft room and basement. They all need to be emptied. Since we have not looked at anything there in years there is little reason to keep it. Oh, I suppose I will find a reason to keep the trunk that came from Denmark straight to my grandmother’s first home here in MN. But it needs to be cleaned, and aired out., and it is just a wood box not a fancy trunk. Will I do it? My daughter won’t and I doubt her sons care since they have never seen it. Sorting is a lot of physical work, but the mental letting go is more difficult, so if I can do a little bit per day it will get done.

    Same subject, sort of, but different issue. I want to be able to give our two children and their families (5 – 6 grandkids) a room of their own if they ever needed to evacuate the big cities and escape here to the country to survive a pandemic or chaos. So I must also create proper living areas for them as a home base, plus basement shelving dedicated for their items. Again – I need to get rid of unwanted stuff. I see local ads for used bunk beds and would love to get them for the grandkids. Not expensive at $50 a set. However, none of our bedrooms has a wall that is straight for the beds to be put against. This old house has those knee walls/ pony walls, so the beds would need to be put in the middle of the room; goofy.

    See, I am procrastinating again by reading the Forum and looking up information about how long propane tanks last and what I still need to get for the Covid-19 and what to do with all of those zipper bags of frozen zucchini. Ok, time to get up and find another box to discard.

    Stay healthy everyone.


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    Started pricing tents and cots, as the climate here is amiable to a quarantine tent. Also my car port can be used as a place also.

    Realized that nothing is going to get done correctly unless I get proper sleep, so I ordered a new mattress pad.

    Not sure what the smell was in the shed. Realtor said it was fertilizer and the home inspector didnt say anything. But it was annoying. Bac o zap took care of it.

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    Corsaire, I to had been looking at tents and cots. I was looking at the ones that has the partitions for like 3 rooms. But decided not to buy into it. To cold for a sick person to be out in one right now. But my daughter has a 10 person camper. Can’t close off a room but can be used as a quarantine camper. If they come here, they can put that in driveway and we can hook it up to electric and water. Only thing is not be able to use bathroom in it as we cannot hook to sewer line. So make shift bucket for toilet will have to do. I have plenty of pans they can use to wash up in.

    I guess everyone has heard the news that this is the time to get prepared. I am as prepared as I can get right now. Went to drug store today to pick up meds and vits. we needed. Tomorrow, I am going to grocery store to pick up some extras incase of family coming in. Need to get some kitty litter for make shift toilets. Need some heavy duty trash bags as well. Not really much else I can think of.  Still hoping they can get it under control before it hits.

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    So based on this:


    I ordered Citrace which has 66.6% ethanol. And another gallon of bleach.

    Also camu camu as suggested by someone who replied on a blog post.

    Checked my supplies and picked up a few more things that were on sale. I wrote the expiration dates with a sharpie on the top of the cans so I wouldnt have to constantly search for them.

    So far the shelves are stocked, but our Gov just held a press conference, says we are low risk, which was according to the CDC.

    Still, I expect the shelves to be empty in a few days.

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    grannyj smith

    Finished up laundry today in hopes of keeping the weekend free in order to work on other projects that need to get done.

    I don’t know what to think about this new virus because there are many conflicting stories, some say be concerned, others say be more concerned about the flu,  I don’t want either so we are staying in,  keeping the farmhouse warm and hoping Spring comes early this year in hopes it will stop the flu and this new virus from spreading, if warmer weather will help.

    Making some homemade disinfecting wipes Saturday and just doing chores in the farmhouse like keeping everything wiped down in hopes of stopping anything that the kids in school might bring home.


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