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    Watched this last night.
    A lot of this information was not new to me, regarding replacing fat with sugar, the advertisements/marketing, the food industry lobbying groups.
    What was surprising was the amount of fast food that is now in public schools.

    Morgan Spurlock and his documentary Super Size Me, addressed the relationship of poor diet (i.e. ultra-processed food stuff) with poor behavior and grades.

    Do we really need the “Nanny State” telling us what to eat and how much to eat?
    On one hand, yes. The low-fat, low-carb labels, advertising/marketing to a degree miss-leads the end consumer.

    On the other, I would like to think it is a given that everyone knows fast food, soda, ultra-processed food is bad for you.
    Does not appear to be the case.

    And if you want to eat that stuff and suffer from obesity, then your healthcare insurance should reflect that.
    Like if you are a smoker does.


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    Dan the Old Guy

    You don’t seem to understand all the implications.  If the government gives tax breaks and incentives to corporations for producing unhealthy foods, then it is complicit in the problem.  The government should not be subsidizing industry, and damn sure not bad industry.  Why does the government let lobbyists decide what chemicals are ok to put in food?  Many of these chemicals cause or contribute to obesity, so if the government’s actions contribute to obesity, then isn’t the government responsible for its behavior?  The solution seems clear to me, make the info available to the public (which it is currently not, due to lobbyists) and then let the public use the market place to influence the food supply.   Keep the damn government out of it altogether, other than making the truth available to the public.

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