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    David Moose

    So I am curious where most of you go for information about current events. I bring this up now because looking back, when Corona was starting in China, it was not even discussed here initially. So what do you all do for information gathering when we know the MSM will only show us what they want us to see.

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    Crow Bar

    For me, alt-media.
    Zero Hedge, Charles H. Smith, Just the News, Sharyl Attkisson to name a few.

    As for CV19, I waited till we really started to see things move out of China before reporting, as not wanting to create fear.

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    I spread out my media consumption as much as possible to distill the various OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) streams in an attempt to get a coherent picture of what is going on without the political bent of the media outlet.  Here in the States the MSM left wing view is of course CNN and the right is Fox News.  In the center, without political bias in my opinion is Reuters.  Everyone has their opinion on what outlet they prefer.  I prefer to read as much as possible from as many sources as possible to try and filter out the Political Propaganda.

    Daily I read online:

    BBC News, Fox News, CNN, ABCNews, Reuters, Rudaw dot Net, Debka dot com, The Intercept, The Cipher Brief.

    To look at what the radical leftist/anarchists are up to I check out: Indymedia dot org, Crimethinc dot com, 325 dot nostate dot net (for the most radical Anarchist viewpoints, with reports of arson attacks Anarchists are carrying out worldwide.)

    So that is what my daily reading looks like.  I do not subscribe to the political viewpoints of the websites I am reading/visiting, I read them to get information and maybe some insights into what is going on in the world.

    Not on topic but related…

    I always use a VPN when visiting any website so my internet activity cannot be tracked by my Internet Service Provider.  I use ProtonVPN with Secure core, so all of my internet traffic is fully encrypted between my computer and the Proton servers in Switzerland or Iceland, then the traffic is routed through a server somewhere in the world, with no logging of the activity.  I change up servers every few minutes.

    I also use CCleaner on my computer to securely erase all cookies, thumbnail pictures, temporary internet files, etc, so if my computer is comprimised it is clean of information on what and where I have visited on the net. I use Recuva to search my hard drive for any thumbnail images, files, cookies, etc and securely shred all the files I find.  Monthly I securely over write all free space of the hard drive to over write all temporary files created from surfing the internet.  I use FileShredder to securely erase all files instead of the recycle bin.

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