Finicky Isn’t Frugal: How to Prevent Picky Eaters from Blowing Your Budget

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    I’ll admit, I was pretty hardcore about not allowing my kids to be finicky. We just didn’t have the money to be wasting food.

    I’m sure someone will come into the comments on this article and tell me my parenting was nothing short of abusive, but here’s how I “persuaded” my children not to be picky and to eat what I fed them.


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    Daisy, I am in full agreement with you. My child was not a picky eater. But her 3 children were and so was her husband. She just didn’t cook. She figured why cook if it is going to go in the garbage. So after a while of nothing to eat unless they fixed what was there for them selves, the kids started eating what she fixed after that. Though one granddaughter just couldnt eat butterbeans for some reason, she would get sick. So she didn’t have to eat those as long as she ate her other veggies. Now I am going through it with DH and it is a struggle. But he is a different situation that I am having some trouble figuring out. He does have a swallowing issue that got worse over the years from a stoke. But since they changed all his medication this last go round, he has become picky and things he always liked don’t taste the same. Now he doesn’t like chicken, He has always loved chicken. So looking into ways to cook it up different. There are only so many ways you can use barbeque sauce. That is how I can get him to eat it.

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    I have found , that hungry beats fussy every time . My mom never asked us what we wanted , it was whatever she made ………….take it or leave it …………….I don recall any of her four kids NOT eating what was served . It would also piss off my dad , for disrespecting our mother ……… didnt want to do that lol .

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    OldMt Woman

    I think your approach is perfectly reasonable.  Be the adult in the room.  Have compassion and sense and some variances allowed.  But The Cook cooked so eat it!  Who doesn’t want adaptable grown children?

    OldMtWoman …anything else leads to self-centered child who is a pain-in-keister “adult”!

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    Lol all you need is a hardcore experience where food and water are not easily available and you have to scrounge to fill the hole between your ribs and backbone.

    Amazing how hunger is best cook. During past experiences have eaten things that I would not feed dog but it was what was required to live and fight another day.  We do a survival summer spring and fall  7 days only your pack…. kids start at 7 and at 15 they get a winter survival. Picky until hungry….. there is lots of supervision and its scaled for ages but  it’s still looked at as a right of passage within our group.

    Also it makes those picky learn to cook and appreciate what’s done for them. Amazing after 7 days how nice a shower clean clothes  warmth and simple.thing like fresh bread and good cheese taste like

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    Crow Bar

    You dont like it, make your own dinner.
    AND do your own dishes too!

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    Olivia Green

    Crow Bar,
    Plus i’d mention “YEA, more leftovers for the rest of us.

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      Crow Bar

      @Olivia Green,
      Seems to me, it is the doing your dishes part that seems to get them!

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