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    Kevin Balch

    I am trying to decide between the American Red Cross First Aid class and the National Outdoor Leadership Wilderness Medicine class. The ARC class is about $70. It looks like most of it is online and the class meeting is only a few hours. The NOLS class is $245 and is 16 hours long over two consecutive days.

    Has anyone who has taken either offer an opinion?

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    A few days is min level, should volenteer as ambulance or fire and rescue courses are free plus get paid practice after.  I do about 4 days a month in ambulance to keep skills up

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    Crow Bar

    I have taken the NOLS Wilderness EMT course.
    I know, not the same, but it was very indepth. I think you will get more out of it.
    They focus on practical application i.e. after learning a skill, they do a simulated exercise to apply those skills. A lot of hands on.

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    ARC class is required by my work every two years.

    Bluntly, the training is pretty sad. I actually got better training with the BSA than I get from ARC.

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