First-ever mandatory water cutbacks will kick in next year along the Colorado Ri

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    This is why you buy water rights… is going to affect everyone in few years if we last that long

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    Seems funny reading this though I know it’s not.  But, a couple of days ago DH had what he called a really weird dream. Said he must have been thirsty.  He said he dreamed that he was looking all over for some water to drink and the water everywhere was polluted. He woke up in middle of night to get a drink of water.  I don’t take dreams seriously, but with everything going on with our water all over the country, I must say that was a weird dream.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Water rights?</p>

    Before we left CO, I got to watch the Denver Water Board rule like a dictator over eastern Colorado lands and water.

    Shutting down wells, putting meters on long established wells, forcing the shutdown of flood irrigation on some land, and much more.

    I watched what can only be described as “water wars” out there, and very few have a clue what I am talking about.

    People shot while messing with flood gates, disappearances, and more.

    Water is life, water is money, water is (fill in the blank).


    It will get beyond anything you can imagine, very quickly.

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    I saw it while deployed to Afghanistan.
    There was a drought, access to water was limited. Entire villages were going to war with each other over supplies.
    Not talking about lawyering up, but AKs, PKMs, RPGs kinda shooting war.
    If there ever was some kind of major social disorder in the US, everyone down stream of the CO river and those reservoirs would be in serious trouble.
    And for southern CA, it is a long way to secure those reservoirs.

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    Long way to secure and only takes a few corpses and some human waste to make it un drinkable.


    As for water rights if you don’t have them and do anything water intensive it will cause you pre collapse issues with no remedy. Also why you live at head water not the ocean entrance. A major river runs around edges of property  having miles of river frontage but higher than surrounding farms for flood protection.

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