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    Charlie Reich

    Hello fellow preppers, my name is Charlie and I’m from West lafayette, indiana.  One of the things I am most interested in as a prepped is land navigation.  If anyone in here knows anything on this topic, please give me a shout.


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    Charlie can you answer a few questions about  the navigation.  How far ? What type of transport? Fitness level? Any water ways?


    Would start at usgs and get maps small medium and large area. Get them with full markings including (tidal) springs.  There are map and compass training get a good compass with adjustable declaration.  Be awaready poles are shifting and affects navigation. Also learn how to use non compass direction discovery like a stick and sun metheod.

    Rand McNally has decent map sets as well. If you can get new survey maps of area especially if you have natural resources exploration  active in your area. Theyou put in new roads monthly.


    Weather proof your maps. Have night low ambient light for navigation. Using blue/red light makes some stuff hard to see at night expecially if colour coded trail markers.


    Also start learning star navigation for night time movements.  Also as any training in non standard transport like air craft, water craft ,trains, cross country biking ect.  Walking sucks and is slow plus you can’t carry much.


    If walking is a must then using cache so you are not caring do much and have resupply. A bike is a major upgrade from walking but takes skills and muscles you don’t use plus emergency dismount skills. Plus repair skills for transport this includes Footware.

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