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    Summer Bee

    I ate my first wild mushroom that I harvested myself, and I lived to tell about it! On Friday I left work early because the weather was nice, and went to a trail in the woods I’d never been on before. I brought my dog with me because I felt too guilty leaving him at home on such a nice day. That made it more of a challenge to hunt mushrooms, but I was still able to find some. My surprise find was a Maitake (aka Hen of the Woods). It was sitting right along the edge of the trail, so apparently no other mushroom hunters had been by recently. I think the Maitake is considered a tree mushroom even though it looks like it’s growing on the ground. It’s delicious and has medicinal properties.

    I can’t figure out how to insert a photo in this post, but here’s a link to what the Maitake looks like:

    A neighbor gave us a Maitake once and we cooked and ate it, and it doesn’t have any poisonous look-alikes, so I knew it was a safe one to try.

    The season’s coming to a close, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out there again this year, but I feel like I’ve officially entered the world of mushroom hunting!

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    I’ve only done Morels. I planted some last spring but it could be up to 2 years before I know if they took.
    I’m hopeful

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