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      Just finished wiping down the groceries I got from walmart pickup. Used clorox wipes. If this goes on as it might, the manufactures are going to have to make changes to their food packaging. So many bags have those flaps down the back side. Can’t in all the nooks at the ends of those flaps. Flimsy freezer bags are impossible to wipe all over too. I suppose I could take out the contents and put them in baggies. I’ve got lots of baggies, but not enough for the rest of the year.

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      Crow Bar

      Now that is an interesting idea.

      How to make packaging easily sanitized.

      Come up with the right idea Log Man, and you just might be the next billionaire!

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      For our meat we use heavy vacuum sealer you can dip bag in bleach water and wipe dry then in fridge or freezer.

      With fruits and veggies instead of wiping down packaging if you have a plastic or a ceramic pail 4 gallons fill 2/3 with water then use ozone bubbler on it for 30 min veggies fully submerged then shake dry and put and process into use size in sealed Containers not only Will the veggies be clean all pesticide will be broken down and all bacterial/viral/spores dead. The veggies last way longer and even wilted ones revive and stay like that for weeks.



      I don’t know about brand its just to show what it does. We have one that is for ozoning houses after fire and pipe it to 2 5 gallon pails with lids that don’t seal.


      It also can be used a a decontamination of vehicles and clothing and your house every once in awhile cause no way you can get every spot.






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      @ namelus The dip them in a bucket of clorox waster has merit for some things, like the bags of pizza rolls I got today. Not so good for the bag of chips ahoy I got today, or any other cookies. Good idea though. Probably not good for any packaging made of paper or cardboard. Probably not good for the general population who would likely burn their hands.

      @CB Like the guy that invented the cardboard milk container in the 1950s. Or the inventor of styrofoam carry out boxes. lol, right me invent something like that. I wish!

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