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    I am looking at buying new boots, any suggestions for a spring to fall boot? Preferably leather

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    Crow Bar

    What kind of climate and terrain?

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    James Mitchner

    When I need warm weather boots I go here first –  I’ve purchased some great boots from them over the past few years for as little as $29 from their closeout page.  You may not find deals like that all the time, but its worth a look see.

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    Mouse Wizard

    Vasque by Red Wing has always been reasonable price, reasonable quality, reasonable durability. If this is for recreational 3-season hiking then that’s the brand I’ve been recommending for decades. Go for the all-leather ones. Fabric boots can never mold themselves to your foot properly, so if you’re suddenly upping the mileage you’ll develop blisters.

    If your plans include a lot of hiking, like hundreds of miles or more per season, then you need to up the game. I use Asolo. They typically last me two years. My Vasques have become my “work boots” for when I’m working various projects not involving long distance travel.

    One trick I learned accidentally by being forced to walk two miles down a stream (the canyon wall were that steep) was that by soaking the boots on your feet, then tightening the laces and walking them dry over the day, they fit like gloves from then on.

    So now I stand in a tub of water for 15 minutes at the start of a long hike whenever I get a new pair of boots. The important part is once, wet, you need to walk them dry.

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