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    I have Michael Snyder’s books.  They are right on.   Can’t say we are in a depression yet, but think it might be around the corner.   We are in a recession for sure. Though I haven’t heard talk of it on the news. But the food and clothing prices are going way up around here. I have been hitting the sales to try to stay above inflation. Gas prices have at this point been holding steady between 2.19 and 2.29.

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    Here is another perspective:
    A gallon costs $2.29
    = 3.78541 liters per gallon
    = $0.6049 per liter or R 8.97 SA rands.

    We are paying, per liter:
    Coastal: R 15.43 or $1.04 per liter = $ 3.94 per gallon
    Inland: R 16.08 or $1.08 per liter = $ 4.09 per gallon

    Somewhere someone is getting richer and it ain’t us!

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