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    After looking at a lot of challenges, most I find myself with not interested enough with or there’s not enough mental challenge to hold interest.

    So taking the weekly $10 prep money, I decided to break it down and make a challenge out of it instead of just saving it up to buy something larger.

    By doing it this way, I have to focus on what I have and what I need more rather than just the latest shiny-sparkly item.

    So for week 1, I get a dollar bill, no more.

    For week two, a five dollar bill.

    Week three, a ten dollar bill.

    And yes a twenty dollar bill for week four.

    So there is no going over each weekly amount unless there is something left over from the previous weeks ‘bill’ and only that one. Any leftover from the previous week gets saved for surprise sale items, like a bogo on yeast. And the remaining four dollars from the original monthly fourty goes into this special fund, not to be touched otherwise.

    The exercise is to keep prepping in mind as well as budgeting and focusing on what we have and need.

    So I will be starting this June 1. Your thoughts?


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    First 3 weeks would be relegated to dollar store…. does that include taxes?


    I don’t think I could.get anything here for a dollar, except maybe 2 pieces of bulk candy… or at a garage sale but none allowed now. Farmer market here you can’t even get seeds or a coffee for $1


    Maybe 5 10 15 and 20?







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    We don’t pay taxes on food here, so that $.79 can of soup or $,99 bag of rice qualify. Or a packet of seeds at the hardware store.

    Where you buy doesn’t matter, just that you are doing something.

    The limits I used were to work within my existing financial plan.

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    Crow Bar

    That $1 one would be tough. Here, we too have to pay tax on food/groceries.
    Would have to get creative.
    I am in for it!

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    I am in. Great idea. Thanks Whirlibird

    Seeds are more than a $1.00 here, but food isnt taxed. Items at thrift stores arent taxed either.

    But yea, makes you think about what you really need.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Yes, I like that, too, Whirlibird!  Think I’ll try it.

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    Ok, first purchase was $.79. A box of Knorr beef bouillon cubes. $.21 left over for next week or the “pot”.
    Sorry for the delay, will have to do this on Friday’s.

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    Hey, guys! Sorry I missed out on starting this challenge with you but I love the idea so I’m going to try to jump in and catch up….Yeah….I can stay more motivated if I have challenges or goals set up in my daily life….

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