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    Way New

    Many people believe that being in a nuclear war, or having a nuclear emergency means everyone is going to die immediately. If you are at ground zero, that may be true, but what you do for the next few days/weeks after a nuclear emergency is probably is a better decider on you and your family’s survival rate.

    I ran across this free self-help instruction manual, that is designed to significantly help you and your family survive a nuclear emergency, understand what is going on, and how to quickly and correctly build emergency fallout shelters, and other great advise.

    Please download this free Nuclear War Survival Instruction Manual in .PDF format, take a look at it, and post any comments that you have about surviving a nuclear emergency.

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    Way New

    This should have probably been posted under Terrorist Attacks and War category, if the ADMIN can move it to the proper category, I would greatly appreciate it…

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    What a great resource! Thanks for posting it!

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    Jade Jasmine

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

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    I have the hard copy of this book. It’s probably the best resource on the subject. I went out later and bought the pottassium iodide tabs as a start. Much more I need to do now that cold war 2 is on the horizon.

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    I just downloaded it. Will be reading it in the next few days. Thank you for the info.

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    Mouse Wizard

    I have had the hard copy in my doom library for decades. One thing you need to do immediately is print out the materials for the Kearny Fallout Meter, then build two, one after the other. That way you know you have the right supplies and the right knowledge. Then grab some desiccant, several cans, wire, thread, foil, plastic wrap, scotch tape and printed labels and instructions. Pack it all in a box and you can build radiation meters to sell/barter when it’s really necessary.

    I have in my wallet a folded paper titled “KFM MacGyver Measurements” It’s laser printed on water-resistant “outdoor map” paper the width of a credit card and folds down three times to the size of a credit card. It has limited instructions, just the details you’ll need if you’ve already built one or two and still remember how it all goes together.

    It starts with:


    • Start w/ 4″ x 8″ piece of standard aluminum foil.
    • Fold it three times to create an 8-ply layer.
    • Third fold edge at the bottom. Cut it to:
    • 1 1/2″ W x 1 5/8″ tall, folded 3/8″ from the top.

    Thread stops: 1″ from edge of leaf.

    Hole for charging wire: 1/2″ in from edge of can.

    Charging wire:

    • Solid doorbell or thermostat wire 2 3/4″ long.
    • Stripped 1/4″ off at each end. Tape at middle to stop.
    • Two threads at upper third to hold angle while charging.

    Then comes a chart of KFM Dose Rates in REM/hour, showing the difference in deflection (2mm – 14mm) over time (15 sec – 1 hr).

    Next is a chart of dose rates and health effects.

    And finally, two mm scales from the instructions to tape on the top so you can accurately measure deflection.

    These details allow me to take old knowledge and make it new again, in the field, with nothing but my EDC multitool and scavenging through any abandoned house.

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