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    Josefina Arenas

    I know this may sounds strange, but has anyone looked into frequencies that have healing properties?  There are those that think that 432 Hz and 528 Hz have healing properties.  It sounds far-fetched, but everything in our atoms and universe vibrate.  Any experience with this?

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    I tried out wholetones. They claimed that it had healing properties. Don’t think so but the music is relaxing and I do enjoy it. Otherwise I don’t think there are any healing properties are in the music.

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    OldMt Woman

    Some chiropractors study this science.  If I remember correctly, there was a lot of advancement in this back before antibiotics came out.  Then it got shoved aside.  In the past decade or two, it’s been reemerging.  Has some interesting data….but someone would need to know what they’re doing and have the calibrated equipment.  It is actually VERY complex.

    ….whats new becomes old and then new again….if you live long enough. [ Even the Polar Vortex is not new to the midwest. ]


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    Look up royal rife and rife machine, if you ever get a chance to see and use one of his surviving  microscopes they are things of beauty and science first live cell obeservation.


    The argument over frequency and it’s uses is also continued  in a different  way, used by John Hutchinson,  both have been discredited, but I have first hand seen hutchinson do some amazing things with frequency. There is an effect named after him. The third frequency person  is tesla. Lots to read.and try to wrap your mind around things that some of the most brilliant people have just started to un wrap

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    Josefina Arenas

    Thanks for the responses, Littlesister, OldMt. Woman, and namelus,  This is fascinating to me, and I appreciate the names you cited namelus.  I’m going to look into this.

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