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    Matt In Oklahoma

    With the upcoming proposed taxes that will raise fuel cost it would be prudent to not delay any additions you are wanting.
    In addition those of y’all that farm it’s a good time to fill them tanks.
    Use a quality stabilizer like Pri-G (gas) or Pri- D (diesel)

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    Crow Bar

    Very good advice.

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    Tax or not , I get annoyed with people sometimes . There is still a pandemic on , yet people are burning up the road again , like they are on vacation . Remember how low gas was when people were afraid to go out ? Around here , the only way to get an American out of their car , is to dump 2 feet of snow on the road . Magically , folks dont seem to want to go out in that lol .

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Sounding more like New Mexico than Arizona.
      They are on vacation. There’s no reason not to be. The pandemic requires minimal precautions and a little judgement.
      We are relatively open and not completely squished to death with silliness of zealous controlling politicians.
      Besides if you’ve been vaccinated or have had it then your all clear right? So why stay at home?
      That being aside those who need fuel to work or continue with life will hopefully be forewarned and hopefully prepare accordingly and save themselves some money.

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      True about the west , too many miles to get anywhere . Maine at least has short distances , and dont hav to go into Portland junk heap for much of anything . We are fortunate that 1} we dont have to leave the state for a vacation , the ocean is 15 min from my house , 2} everything I could possibly need is within an hour radius . Prepare for TONS of new taxws ,, the USSA is upon us . Save yer pesos , China is going to take over without a fight .

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    Crow Bar

    Pre-pandemic, I barely put 5k miles on the truck.
    Even less now.
    First couple of months everyone was hunkered down.
    Traffic was so light, you would think it was Christmas morning.

    Now, it is pretty much back to normal.

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