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    Daughter Caroline

    Found this the other day and thought I would share it. I stumbled across this vertical garden tower a week or so ago and have been considering it. It’s expensive so I’m thinking it over more.

    I don’t have a lot of area that gets good sun. I figured with this being more compact and rotating that I could increase my yield with what sun I do get.

    I also like that I can do vermi-composting with it. I’d have to think some more about how to transplant the worms to soil for the winter.

    I thought I would share it here and would also like to hear what others think about such a system.

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    I have seen those towers before. They are pricey. But also wonder how well they would work. I would love to put one in the front flower beds to grow herbs in. The vermi -composting would be great also. We do get the sun but in the front yard we have bushes that we have room to plant things but not a lot of space. This could give me a bit more garden space for veggies by planting the herbs in between the bushes. I like the idea of it.

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    There is a drawback the shady side does not do as well. Second the composting tube and vermiculite works ok if you know what percent of dry leaves, kitchen scrap, green compost to add, simply dumping stuff into chute will make a slimy mess, I learneed hard way. The other problem is decomopacting the soil and amending it each year, the vermivulture can not fully replace soil depletion. If in cold climate you can not leave perinials in it as it freezes solid.


    There are ways to make one from a 50 gallon plastic drum with drain pipe a heat gun a drill and saw all.  It takes 30 min per barrel total cost is about $50



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    Cinnamon Grammy

    I like the idea of a Garden Tower.  If we ever get an RV/Tiny House we can take our salad with us and have fresh food.  It can go into the house, securely fastened, when ever we travel

    They are selling light tubes for it now.

    Namelus, you make sense.  Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds.  If someone is willing to take the steps that you mentioned, do you think it makes sense?

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    Namelus that is great. Making those from a 50 gal barrel is so much cheaper but for me might be a bit hard to make. So this would be a son in law project. My right hand is very weak. Never got full strength back in it. Have days that it is swollen and painful. But I make do. At that price I could do a lot more and have even more places to put one. Will have to be a summer project for me. Will see how my time and things go. Otherwise it will be next winter’s project.

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    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Cinnamon </span> I used the barrels when I lived in the city for small areas it works. Use concrete blocks to lift off ground , the north side add some reflector like mirror or mylar for sun or use shade loving plants.


    Have a barrel  dolly to move them or a furniture moving one with a strap they are 300 lb plus when full.


    In fall dump out barrels onto tarp cover soil for winter mix the amenders in spring and refil barrels, mix in any compost from center tubes and let it sit over winter.


    When filling fill to rim it will compact down, use a 5 gallon bucket to fill it cleaner than trying to shovel in.

    When forming the cut on side mark out first drill the outside ends of the line use a 1/2 inch bit then cut across a 6 inch horizontal line. get some 8 Inch to 12 inch long scrap 2×4 cut a 45 degree  angle so the point is along the 4 inch length leaving them in longer and reheating after insertation help keep pocket shape.


    Drill 6-8 small 3/16 holes in bottom of barrel to let out excess water.


    Video of how to.

    For the adding of compost for vermiculture, if you don’t know how to dig for worms you can buy at bait shop cheap. Compost down the tube should be mixed before adding, I used 1/3 of each kitchen scraps (no bones) dry leaves, green stuff ( grass clipping or leaves,)  mix an use little hand shovel to pour into composer tube, top up once a week. If it is past week 4 before you add new stuff push out the old soil on bottom it is great potting soil. You can push out about 8to 12 inches in 4 weeks.



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    Cinnamon Grammy

    .Good thoughts, Namelus.  Thank you.

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    Daughter Caroline

    Thank you so much for your thoughts everyone! I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us.

    The only other thing I can say about that tower I posted is that it rotates but then it needs a surface for that.

    I’ve shied from getting really into composting because I’m just not sure how to have enough brown vs green for it to work as expected. I thought this option would make that less of an issue but that sounds like my own ignorance at work.

    I’m really interested in growing my own produce here at home so it seems that I should look more into DIY towers. If I draft up a decent summary, I’ll create a thread for that.

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