‘Go back to California’: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise

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    When Californians leave the mess they’ve created in a once wonderful state with their liberal/socialist/progressive agenda because of that mess, but bring those same stupid ideas to their new place, folks are going to begin to say “wait just a minute!” Take a look at what has happened in states such as Colorado and cities such as Austin, Texas. We’re beginning to have problems here in TN as so many outsiders are swarming into Nashville. And, our recreational areas and mild winters are bringing in hoards of Northern retirees who look down on native Tennesseans as red-neck, hillbillies. They want all the big government services that drove their taxes through the roof while enjoying the no state income tax in TN. Argghhh!!! We’re Southerners and hospitality and kindness are bred into our bones, but there’s a bit of anger beginning to stir just beneath our smiling exteriors.

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    Hope Peace

    I’m here in California and I hear you. It’s a tough problem. We have the same issues with the illegals coming up from down south.

    California is going totally bonkers and there will be more people leaving from here on out. But the good news is that it is the more rational ones that are leaving. I won’t be leaving. I expect to die here in the revolution that is coming. I can’t leave my family.

    I think the graduated property tax is a brilliant idea but it would probably be challenged in court.

    One bright side is that the rich calis are spending their money in your state and they often are good entrepreneurs and can generate jobs.

    I think the whole idea that immigration (whether by country or state) is a moral right – pushed by the UN – is what has to change. No-one has the right to invade another person’s space!

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