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    Hi, I am writer-researcher and electrician and family-man, here to learn and participate.

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    Crow Bar


    What kind of writing do you do?

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    Modern day family survival in dystopic times.


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    Crow Bar


    I think we (the forum) have mentioned a Fan-Fiction section.

    I have done some writing of my own too.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Welcome to un-Righteous from Cape Cod. I am from MN.

    We have lovely memories of Massachusetts and Cape Cod.  Assuming you are from the area.  I remember camping on the sandy beach underneath a pine grove on the north side, and running down the sand dunes on the south.

    If there is a Fan-Fiction section, I will need to find it.  Thank you Crow Bar for telling us about it. I love that sort of fiction.  To me they are not so much “fiction” but idea books.  So, Post away Un-RIghteous!

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    Crow Bar

    @Cinnamon Grammy,
    Sorry! There is not a fan-fiction section (yet).
    It was something that was discussed back when the forum first started.
    I will PM Daisy and see if she can do it.

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    Cool, thanks for the friendly welcome! Yes, CC is a wonderful sandbar to live upon. It can get gusty at times but the surrounding ‘drink’ keeps us sheltered from inland weather highs and lows. So that’s good.

    In response to Crow Bar, by ‘dystopia’ I don’t mean ‘post-apocalyptic’ fiction, I’m more taking note of what I see occurring in the headlines and trying to make sense of it as it pertains to society and our future. But I’m not a negative dude. I am a Bible thumper though.

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