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    Mama cando

    I am a 64 yr old retired woman who has been trying to prep for the last 6 years. I’ve always had “extra” on hand in case of an emergency. Husband doesn’t think anything is going to happen but he doesn’t stop me from doing “my Thing”(if he only knew what I have stored so far, LOL). He has “helped” over the years but I just wish he would “get on board”. My 2 boys and their spouses do think Mom’s a bit loony but they try to help whenever they can. Have a sibling that a few years ago did a 180 and is now preparing so as I told the spouse “Thank God I’m not the only nut in the family”. We are both retired so I am doing this on $50 a month when I can squeeze it out LOL.

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    That’s a tight budget and a great example. A little bit at a time gets the job done.

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    Mama cando

    Yes Daisy it is tight but I had a bit of inheritance from my father to start the process with. Paid off all the debt including the school loans we had for the boys. Except the house, didn’t quite have enough. Redid the kitchen, pantry and put a three season room on the back deck for the grands to play in when the weather is bad and to keep them safe. We had to replace the rotting deck so it was a good time to do the room at that time. Although the cats think we built the room for them LOL.

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