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    Ranger Rick

    My name is Ranger Rick and I live and currently teach survival and emergency preparedness thru out an area known as the ReDoubt. I teach the CPT program for the OATHKEEPERS and soon will be teaching emergency preparedness to Churches thru out America as a member of CEN -Christian Emergency Network.

    My Background is ,I started with Red Cross in 1965 ,my freshman year in high school and left in 2003 , joined the military in 1971 retiring in 2010 as my youth was gone and I could not keep up with the kids. I was a medic, Infantry, Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces trained. I joined the Volunteer Fire Dept. in 1977 and continue today as a Firefighter/Medic, but I am slowing down. I spent almost 25 years as a Reserve officer with the Town ,County and finally Tribal Marshal agencies and I retired Feb. this year. I am a member of CERT and I am a TTT, I am a member  of the Swift Water, Flood Water and Ice Rescue Team here in North Idaho. I am on the Sheriff Dept. Search and Rescue Team. I was a K-9 handler and K-9 medic, but after I had to put my partner down due to cancer, and I am getting older, I no longer work K-9’s. I have a custom built 4×4 for off-road mountain SAR. In my spare time, I teach at various EXPO’s and on occasions I do talk shows.

    You every get to North Idaho, coffee is always on, you will have a place to hang your hat for the night. I look forward to engaging with you all.

    Best Regards,

    Ranger Rick

    Automatic Survivor Training Group

    North Idaho

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    Crow Bar

    Well howdy Rick!

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    Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve joined us. 🙂 Gorgeous country you’re from!

    When we drove through Idaho a couple of years back, we stopped at the potato museum and then had potato nachos at a nearby diner.

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    Welcome Rick!

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    Hello Ranger Rick & welcome.  I’m currently in southern Oregon & love the nature Oregon offers.  From your background & experiences I’m sure you have a lot to offer this group & I look forward to your posts.

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