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      Cinnamon Grammy

      Hello, Everyone.

      Hubby and I live about 20 miles outside of a large metropolitan area.  Far enough away that we do not hear car or plane traffic.  Close enough to visit family frequently.  We each raised two children;  of the four two are still around, step brother and sister now. My son died and Hubby’s oldest chooses to be separate. There are six grandchildren.  As a grandmother I am in heaven whenever we see them.

      We are both retired.  Hubby is nearly 80, and I just turned 69.  We enjoy playing in our vegetable and flower gardens and do not enjoy being outsmarted by the deer, woodchucks, etc..  They won in 2018.

      I love learning new things and spend a lot time searching/researching topics.  The internet is my library, but I download everything to have it at my fingertips.  I can our produce and can dinners.  Sewing, knitting, are also big for me.  I hate housework so you are likely to see my yarn next to the sofa and dishes in the sink.

      We became Ham Radio Operators in February.  It is time to study for the General License this winter.

      There is so much to do that we should have moved to the country and retired much earlier to get it all done.

      I really enjoy the conversations on the Prep Club Site.  There are many new ideas and situations to learn from.  Thank you, Daisy, for making this possible.  Greetings, Selco.

      I chose the name Cinnamon Grammy because Cinnamon was my camp name, and I love the flavor, and being a Grandmother is the happiest thing in the world.

      Greetings to everyone.  Talk to you soon.





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      Peppy P


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      Red Carnation

      It’s a pleasure to meet you!

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      Welcome here!

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      Hi, there! I’m so glad you’re joining us here!

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      Old Goat

      Hello, welcome aboard

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