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    Matt In Oklahoma

    I had a “back to the basics” self defense course today.
    It was nothing special but touched on Grips Breaking, basic BJJ, Stances, Escapes and Force Passing.
    I know not everyone has a job that requires fighting like mine but when’s the last time you rolled on the mat or sparred in a class?
    What do you train in?

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    Krav, aikido, tai chi/ qi gong rai, .. at least once a week full contact against multi opponents. It’s never fair in life so we train like it.   no eye gouges even though taught on slam man. You better wear your cup. Everyone sports black eyes and sore joints at some point…. hence the tai chi we also practice in squad combat

    Push hands is a good way to warm.up and get a measure of your opponent.



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    OldMt Woman

    Used to ……way back in the old days.  Or should I say younger days?  Trained regular for a couple decades.  These days wresting the vacuum around our tiny house is about it.

    BUT when… not if … I fall, I have still retained all those hard-won reflexes.  Have done a dive off a surface 6′ high….unexpected and very unintentional…and just had ‘ow’.  Not a trip to ER.

    Another time I was hurrying and caught a toe – SLAMMED to floor!  No injury.  Just couldn’t get up for a couple hours till my ‘slammed’ system reset.  Hmph!  That was annoying!

    I even did a forced ‘front fall’ last summer.  I much prefer a nice ‘tuck and roll’ but there was no room.  Came out okay.

    Haven’t tried it but if those reflexes are still in place, I’m thinking/hoping that some of the others are as well…to some extent.  Not strength ones but defense.

    OldMtWoman  ….was talking old stories with friend just last week  LOL

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    I’m with Mt. Woman,  Wrestling the vacuum cleaner and a mop is about all I can muster these days. Helping DH up from a sitting position is about all I can muster these days. I tripped on a rug in garage when I was defrosting the freezer this summer. Hit my knee rather hard. Boy, did that hurt. Bruised it up pretty good. Still now if I put pressure on it, it will hurt. Thinking I may have done some damage, though now it doesn’t hurt. Just got to be careful when on my knees cleaning furniture.

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    @littlesister we have a device called a sara stedy and use it to move my uncle who is wheelchair bound from bed to chair and chair to toilet and baths. They are a bit expensive and the wheels have  been replaced twice  but it makes a tough chore easy for the less burly people.



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    Crow Bar

    Amazingly high school wrestling skills are still with me.
    Krava Maga, and Judo.

    But have not had anyone to spar with since moving out into the rural area.
    There was a kick boxing gym I was considering joining, but they went out of biz due to the lockdowns.

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    Namelus, thank you for that info. I checked into it already after seeing your post early this morning. I bought one but it is called the Lumex stand assist. It is just like the sara stedy but much cheaper and even with that it was over $500 But better than over $1500. It was well worth it as the way that worked in the videos, it is just what I need.

    I owe you one.   Thank you so much. You have been a great help.

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    @ littlesister glad I could be of help…  thanks for info on the cheaper lumex  one will look into that as well as  gift to local hospital.

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