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    John Park

    For those planning to bug in at their country home, remember to have a way to access your well should your pump stop working.
    Generators work as long as you have fuel.
    Bison Hand Pumps and Simple Pump both make what appear to be solid hand pumps that go on the top of your well head/casing.
    We installed a Bison pump 4 years ago, it sits outside through rain and snow, no rust, works like a charm.
    There’s also a pump called the Flojak, that is a plastic version designed to be placed atop your well (you pull the original metal wellhead off).
    Lastly, there are modern tubular “well buckets” (Lehman’s sells one).

    Just some ideas with which to begin your search.

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    I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

    Did you install it or have a drilling company do it?

    Was it added to an existing well or a newly dug well?

    What was the cost to have it installed? (If you hired it out.)

    What was the difficulty level of the project? (If you did it yourselves.)

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    John Park


    We did contract out. I honestly cannot recall the cost for installation. The pump and piping (it uses a tiny pipe INSIDE the well jacket/pipe) was the real cost, pushing 2K.
    It was placed atop a pre-existing well we had drilled the previous year.

    If you are interested, the customer service was great. I would recommend simply calling or emailing, and asking for a rough quote.
    Assuming you have a pre-existing well, you will want to know what you “resting level” is.
    For example, my well is roughly 450 feet deep, but the resting level is only 20 feet – meaning that the water is only 20 ft below the surface. Now that wil fluctuate a bit with use and weather/drought, but we have been fine with only 65 feet of piping for the hand pump.

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    Harvey Moon

    Check this out for an easy to build PVC well pump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdUlyblmKhQ

    I have made a couple of these and I really like them. They are Very Inexpensive. I am not sure how deep they will pump but I have pumped water easily from over 40 feet. It is very easy to add additional lengths of pipe to this system. If you live in a cold climate or where freezing is a problem be sure to drill a very small weep hole far enough down that water will drain down and not freeze when you are not using it.

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    We replaced our old sand point well with a new point and 1 1/4″  piping, drove them 25′ down the existing hole and were up and going the next day. Right now it has a new surface electric pump, but I could set it aside and put on a pitcher pump like gramma would use. Our area has several layers of water table, we’re tapping into the shallow, saturation layer, that is mostly rainwater runoff – about 17 feet. It tastes like barrens sand, but runs clear after a few minutes. Fortunately, no farms or industrial runoff in the neighborhood, so it’s drinkable as is, but we’ll be putting a particle filter in line. We’re in the frozen north, so the well pump is enclosed in a 4×4′ heated well house, and the line to the house is 8′ underground, below frost line.

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