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    As much as there is a need for a rifle in a shtf situation, a hand gun is invaluable. The ability to be concealed and be deployable immediately shouldn’t be over looked.

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    Modern Refugee

    Any preferences? In handguns? holsters? Or method of carry?

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    What works for me may or may not be suitable for others. I carry IWB (inside waist band) on my kidney. My normal edc is a 9mm with 15+1. I have a few different makes and models. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference to me except the sizes and weights are unique to each gun. I have a single stack 8 shot for tee shirt and shorts weather. I have a 10mm 1911 tricked out I’m tempted to carry, but so far it’s a range gun.

    I really like the DeDantis pocket holster “the Nemesis” They are a soft plastic outer with a small pebble finish. They stick where you put them and they don’t have any belt loops. They work in a back pocket but I don’t keep it there unless it is a short walk. I have a similar model made by Remora for full size pistols. A leather 2″ gun belt to hold up my pants keeps the whole rig in place.

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    Modern Refugee

    I’m blessed with much cold weather, so keeping stuff hidden is fairly easy. I like OWB holsters. My favorite brand of holster is Gunfighters Inc. I have a single stack 9 also.

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    I’m a Glock girl myself. I have a 43 and a 19. I prefer the 19 but when it can’t be concealed the little one will do.

    I completely agree with it being a matter of personal choice. I’ve seen so many threads devolve into arguments over the “perfect” gun and ammo.

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      Omg thats awesome. Same 2 guns I carry. Except mine is 43x.

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    Crow Bar


    Do NOT get into the whole make, model, caliber debate.

    If a given make, model or caliber does not fit you, IGNORE the internet forums trolls!!!!

    There are makes, models and calibers that may or may not fit you.
    You may not like a given caliber, in a given make firearm, vs what some internet yahoo says.

    Find a trusted friend in firearms, or NRA instructor, try a myriad of firearms, and see what fit you best!

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    “I’m blessed with much cold weather”

    lol now that’s a debatable statement!

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    Modern Refugee

    Everyone needs Glock in the stack lol.

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    While I’m in complete agreement that no one cartridge or firearm fits every individual’s purposes, selection of a cartridge and fire arms are important discussions to have.

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    I once heard a great description of how to choose “the best” gun – that finding the best gun and holster for you is like finding the best bra. You just have to try them out.

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    Annaraven that is very true. However….I

    I wouldn’t have a clue what was the best bra.

    People can make some weird choices because of something that influenced them in the past. Like buying a single action revolver with a loading gate for a primary SD weapon.

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    Most modern guns are more reliable and accurate than most people give them credit for.

    Even the cheaper options are better than were available 50 years ago, with a few caveats.

    Modern autos are capable of firing volumes of Ammo that were unheard of a hundred years ago.

    This does include modern, properly built versions of older designs.

    Bluntly, find a design that you like, that has a good reputation and will do what you need.

    Me, I look at the situation in two ways. Short term and long term.

    Short term is anything from an immediate life threatening situation out to @15 years.
    Why that time frame? Because it covers everything from the immediate to the potential lifespan of certain firearms in my experience.
    For this, almost any of the “service” size polymer frame guns qualify.

    After the 15 year anniversary, I’ll be honest, I become more skeptical of the lifespan of the polymer.
    I have personally seen frames with cracks around the 20 year mark, so being cautious I start paying attention around the 15 year mark.
    My current Glock is 23 years old, and gets inspected every time it’s shot.

    It’s a Bic lighter to me, disposable when used up.

    Now long term, we change things up a bit. My preference runs to the 1911 pistol, properly built. Having built and rebuilt a good number of these, I have seen older guns shot to ruin fairly quickly, under 10,000 rounds. Unlike other designs one can rebuild and tighten the 1911 up but eventually the older guns are done.

    Contrast that with changes made in the ’80’s in metallurgy and hardening, the guns will now keep going with only parts replacement normally.
    I had a .38 Super race gun that I acquired used and put at least 125,000 rounds through before the barrel was completely destroyed. I rebarreled it and it’s still going strong today in the hands of its third owner.
    With a handful of parts, a 1911 can serve for generations.

    Another read I prefer the 1911, its versatility.
    I can shoot powder puff loads through it, snake shot, heavy hunting loads and whiz bang defense loads, with mere recoil spring changes in some cases.

    Part of the versatility comes from the ease of making accurate ammo, the 9 and .40 cartridges are more finicky with what they will shoot well (handloads).

    Looking at what CA is doing regarding ammo, as well as other places, I want to be able to make my own ammo if needed, and have it be effective in its worst version.

    9mm is good with modern powders and bullets, but step back 50 years in technology and it becomes a lesser choice.

    The .45 in its worst form is still a proven option. No war stories here, just reality.

    So enough bs, personally I like my SHTF choices to have a .400″ bullet or larger.
    I will make an exception for the .357 Magnum but I don’t have one right now.

    Put ammo back now if you can, it’s not going to get cheaper and post-SHTF you don’t want to be trying to find it.

    It will likely be available for a large tariff, and more than a little risk. Better to just have enough put back to not worry about it.

    I’ll post my scratchings about ammo in another thread.

    Handguns, buy what you like and move on to something important .

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    Big Bubba

    My perspective is a bit different  I am not in bear country so 9mm is adequate for handguns.  Due to my training and research I believe the key is, as much as possible, have the same basic firearm.  Different calibers are fine but the same build. In a crisis I don’t want to think a out which gun I am carrying. I want the same manual of arms.  I picked Glock.  There are better guns but all the controls are the same.

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      James Mitchner

      There may be prettier guns than a Glock.  There certainly more expensive guns that a Glock. But as far as toughness and dependability I doubt seriously there is a better built gun than a Glock.  Tens of thousands of rounds have been shot out of Glocks without cleaning and they still go ‘bang’ every time the trigger is pulled.  What more can you ask for?  I’ve carried and shot Glocks for years – 17s, 23s, 19s, and 43s.  But, I will admit, for me there is a new girl in town.  Its a Sig P365 in 9mm.  It is perfection as a carry piece… for me.  But I still have my Glocks.

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    for a better than glock there are many choices, glock is just sale to leo and hope rest buy.  They are mid range and plentiful with cheap mags standard calibers, it would not be my pistol of choice if that was last one I ever got.

    They do fit girly hands well but the frames are small and the finger guards don’t do well, with gloves expecially  winter ones.

    But like everyone else has been saying it is what works for your fit size of hands, recoil, suppression, concealment and ammo availability.


    I have rare ammo types pistols but just because they are fun, long term I think they will be expensive paper weights or re tooled in shft event. Gun is an expensive crappy club with no ammo.

    At least with glock you should be able to find mags and parts as they are like dandelions everywhere.

    For me hk socom 45 then sig226 navy 9mm for a wheel gun colt python 357. the sig mosquito  or a ruger mark3 or 4 for 22lr. The mosquito I find is better training weapons  as looks and feel are basically same as 9mm version so very little change over  training from 22lr to 9mm.

    Honestly in shft I would have a shot gun   for close range they are devastating. Not much accuracy required and have the fear factor… no one wants to charge a shotty. Cheap plentiful ammo though it is  bulky. Usually one and done with 12 gauge even a lvl 4 vest with plates in will leave you stunned, wheezing and drooling out of fight if it hits on vest but buckshot does spread and can remove limbs from action.

    I will say one more.thing on  this,  there are uses for pistols, but in real world two way shooting ranges a cqb rifle is far superior to any hand gun in both ammo capacity, stopping power, penetration of consealment, distance. That is why soldiers get rifles not pistols, and cops get pistols with shot gun and rifle in trunk. If planning for shft I would spend more on cqb rifles as your opponents will have handguns for you to aquire after. Most likely a glock lol


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    Big Bubba

    Rifles and shotguns are excellent and essential, but the OP was discussing the very valid point that a concealable handgun is a necessity.

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    Crow Bar

    I am of the opinion I should know how most popular firearms operate, be it a revolver, semi-auto, or even black powder.

    I agree having a common platform is likely better, but stuff happens.  You might lose your gun, get robbed, get damaged beyond repair, come across a dead MZB who has a non-Glock semi-auto (are you just going to leave it there if it is of the same caliber?).

    As for concealability, will it be necessary if SHTF, and everyone carries openly, like the old west?  It is currently at freezing outside where I live.  Going concealed means under at least one or even more layers.  Open carry might be the better option.

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