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    James Mitchner

    A new business has sprung up and its to provide storage to retailers for excess inventory that the retailers have ordered ahead of President Trump’s promised tariffs on China and a few others.  The business is providing inter-module storage trailers.  The retailer decides how much storage they want, and these people bring in the trailers and set them wherever the retailer wants.  Its a lot cheaper for the retailer than building warehouse space, and the trailers are there temporarily as needed.

    Perishables, OTOH, like produce, meats, and dairy are not able to be stored long-term.  I imagine some of the empty shelf space in some grocery stores is likely due to the season, inhospitable weather conditions for some producers, and an employee shortage. The Kroger’s I shop at has been woefully short staffed.  Check out lines have been closed except for a few and the stocking of items is sporadic.  I have noticed a lot of new faces recently so maybe they are getting their act together.



    One thing I have noticed in our local Food Lion is that when I go in to shop, everything is pushed to the back. My thinking on this is that they are getting ready to restock, but, are they putting the newest dates in front of that and the older dates are what is pushed to the back. The whole store was done this way. Instead of things to the front it was all pushed to the back. All can goods, boxes of pastas, etc. Didn’t understand the why on this and I have seen it like that for 2 or 3 different times. I now watch my dates when shopping much closer.



    Rich Sullivan

    The empty shelf phenomena I have not noticed as much as a lack of variety in a lot of stores now which I find annoying. A lot of the products I buy tend to have special features like non-toxic antifreeze for instance or works better than the average product out there, the lack of variety merely pushes me to buy from the Internet more and more something which I am not fond of. I think some of it could be due to big corporate buyouts killing any competing products or other monopolist sort of practices. I also noticed more garbage both in bad taste and in construction. It seems they want to pass out Communist-made goods to us while keeping us at the level of children because God knows why anyone would want to grow up these days, perhaps that is not good for the agenda they have.



    It’s like 1984 and the Chocolate rant about how people are happier about the new larger (but reality) smaller chocolate and have always been at war with east Asia.


    Our local store runs out every week, I have not shopped there for years, but you still hear ranting at coffee shop.  Next nearest food store is 2.5 hours away from this one.


    You become a prepper.out of that is the way it has always been.



    One thing I have noticed , is that the supply chain on the east coast is an absolute joke ! The west coast , on the other hand , is quite efficient , and reliable . In some cases , its not the availability , but the warehousing , and transport problem ……….again , the east coast sucks that way .

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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