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    Effie Trinket

    Long -time prepper, first time poster!!

    Well, I should clarify, long-time prepper who took a few years off and now scrambling to get things back in order!

    Hello from Illinois.  The state of road construction and overly-taxed population with a governor who…well, nevermind.  😉

    I have been on this website more times than I can count over the last several years.  I’m now back in action and looking for a direct download or thread to the 30 day challenge.  I’d like to start there to re-familiarize myself with the prep game so any link is appreciated!

    Happy to be here.  Thanks much!

    Effie Trinket

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    John Park

    Welcome back aboard!

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    Crow Bar

    Howdy Effie!

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    Welcome back Effie.

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