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    Tuffy Rickabaugh

    Greetings from Pennsylvania, but looking to move out soon.

    Been in PA most of our lives but between corruption and overcrowding, and being less than 150 miles from 5 or 6  major east coast cesspools, PA is just a mess and were looking to leave.

    Any suggestions of safer smallish cities/town in states that are corrupt areas in drier climates?



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    Crow Bar

    Welcome Tuffy!

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    Hi there! Wonderful to meet you!

    The downside to dry climates is well…they’re dry. Search carefully to be sure you have a good source of water.

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    OldMt Woman

    Welcome Tuffy.  Yeah, we live in definitely ‘drier’.  I don’t prefer humid at all.  However, our ARID windy west has been in the news so much with wildfire in these recent years.  That is terrifying.  Can’t count how many times I’ve gotten ready for evacuation…with animals.  Bad news.

    Maybe look for  “drier” climate without being ‘arid’.  Thing is, weather shifts back and forth.  So hard to anticipate which way it’s shifting in the long haul.  It wasn’t this starved for moisture at all when we came long ago.  But as decades pass, you won’t know what it will do.  Back and forth….we’re currently like it was long ago now, according to the old timers around here. You can see burn marks from generations back.  Looks like this whole property burned once….but it’s full grown trees now.  Personally, I’m real eager for it to switch back again to having more rain.

    So…talk to people who have been in the areas for generations.  They’d know the patterns.

    OldMtWoman  ..then again, every place has it’s challenges, right?

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