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    Carole Wood

    any words of wisdom on keeping things like brownie mixes from going bad?   I thought if I just didn’t even open the box they would be OK.   HOWEVER, they were very stale tasting.

    Had to toss whole box of Giralldi ,so.

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    Crow Bar

    Welcome Carole!

    Cannot say about brownie mixes.
    The wife makes our from scratch.
    Perhaps that is the solution?
    I am not much of a baker so I think there are others here who have much more experience than I.

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    Mama cando

    Carole, One way is to put the whole bag(take it out of the box and cut the instructions off the box) into a zip lock or vac pac it . However because there is some fat in it it won’t keep more than 6-8 months I’ve found. I too had to toss out several boxes of brownies, cake mixes when I first started out.This is a great group and I’ve learned so much from everyone.

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