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      Molly Malone

      I live in New York City, in the same neighborhood where my Irish great-grandfather settled down in the 1800’s. I love this city, despite our lunatic mayor, the oppressive political correctness, the rampaging social justice warriors, the repeal of free speech, the high taxes…. ahem, anyway, I love this city and city living! But I envy and feel inferior to people who know how to hunt, fish, garden, sew, can, raise chickens, make a wood fire. My pioneer skills are sadly lacking. I am also surrounded by people with attitudes and priorities I don’t share, attitudes about money and material goods and services. I want to keep better company and I am glad to be part of this forum, with people who prioritize preparedness and thriftiness and freedom.

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      Crow Bar

      Could you take a weekend camping trip and start on even some basic skills? Starting a fire using a drill bow. Set a snare (you do not have to actually catch anything, but set one, and simulate a small critter tripping the trap). Land navigation with a map and compass.
      Do some primitive camping where you have to hump all your gear in for 2 days? Even going through the motions of picking a spot, setting up camp, getting firewood, location of water, cooking, where to pee, are good ways to learn the logistics.
      Wont turn you into Bear Grylls in one weekend, but even gaining some basic skills will give you confidence.
      And, you are outdoors!

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        Molly Malone

        @crowbar, those are good suggestions, thank you! Doing some camping is certainly within my means.

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      When you live in an environment that is so different from the ones that are typically written about in the “preppersphere” it can make it seem so very different.

      But really, the major priorities are the same, regardless of where you are.


      What I would do is start considering these things.

      ***Where is the closest place you’d be able to get water if something really bad went down? Do you have a way to purify it?

      ***What food can you acquire locally? Are there any food-bearing plants growing in nearby greenspaces. Remember that many people in the city wouldn’t even think about foraging for something that wasn’t obviously food, like an apple from a tree. Could you trap or snare anything for meat?

      ***Do you have a plan for getting out of Dodge in a worst-case scenario? Where could you go and how would you get there?

      ***How can you harden your apartment to make it more difficult for people to break in during a situation that could be WROL? How can you fly under the radar and be “gray?” You don’t want to have the only apartment that is lit up and has the smell of something tasty coming from it.

      These are just a few thoughts but the key here is to figure out things that will work in your specific setting. You need a different skill set than those who live on 100 acres in the boondocks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Think about ways you might be able to cover those basic priorities where you are right now.

      Also, WELCOME! I’m thrilled you’re here. New York City holds some special memories for me!

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        Molly Malone

        Daisy, thank you for the welcome and the suggestions. I am pondering these points. The one I am working on currently is apartment security and fortifying my door and doorframe. I am less concerned about the Golden Horde invading my apartment, and more concerned about out-of-control cops bursting into my home and beating me or killing me.

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      Rich Sullivan

      Hello Molly I live very near you on Long Island, though slightly more deeper in the woods than you but not by very much. I understand your position though I hope it is not in the tenth floor of the Plaza Hotel you have in your picture ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice place but not a place you want to be in a sudden collapse of civilization. I am someone who is also familiar with asphalt and sewer gas as opposed to cow manure and trying to think of ways to survive if it all goes under. That is why I was on Selco’s site because of his real experiences surviving a SHTF situation in a city where food and water were cut off. My recommendation if you can though you may not be able to do this is to try to live in the Bronx section of NYC for at least it is on the mainland so you do not have to try to leave though bridges and tunnels. I must admit though the Bronx just don’t have that cosmopolitian Manhattan vibe. I been looking at Coast Guard maps to see where the water is less deep so one can get off LI if need be though I do have other plans for staying on LI for it is an island bigger than New Hampshire or other states and it does have some wild woods. Maybe one day I will get to the mainland but I admit I am sucked in a bit by New Babylon. I just want to remind people here that New Yorkers are as human as everyone else and some of us don’t want to be caught flatfooted either and no we are not all PC slogan pitching SJW’s. I wish you good luck and if you wish we can try to discuss survival and the Big Apple more.

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