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    Jim Costa

    Member of a completed Group Survival Retreat of about 50 adults.
    We have been completed for about three years now.

    Our lifeboat is as prepared as can be; hopefully we won’t need it.

    I just received Selco’s book today but have read many of his fine articles.
    I am always looking to learn more about prepping or help others organize their own groups.  There is so little information regarding group organization out there.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum, its a great community.

    I live on the other end of the state.

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    Jim Costa

    I tell ya, its a long walk from one end of this state to the other.

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    Indeed. You climate is a bit more hospitable unlike us in the sub-tropics.

    If you werent aware, Florida survival gardening by David the Good just came out.

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    Crow Bar

    Welcome to the forum Jim!

    Got family and friends down by the Flagler beach area.

    I have seen a lot of the “Lone wolf,” or “go it alone!” mind set in some of the more survivalist web sites.
    Great that they (single person) survive with their survival tin.
    Good on ya.

    What about a year (or longer) with a large family? Or a mixed group of friends and family? That is where the planning and logistics come into play. Something I dont see on those survivalists sites.

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    Jim Costa

    We took an alternate course in planning our group.  This was because there are no How To manuals out there for groups.  As you said, it’s all about loner families.

    We took a systematic approach to planning for a group of 60 adults.  There were just a few of us to begin with.  We are not a “for profit” group.  All members bring their own supplies and leave when they run out.

    But we were able to instantly solve all water problems at once for the group.  Then we solved all medical issues at once.  And so on . . .
    It was a lot cheaper to do it this way then having members resolve the same issues alone; a lot of repetitive work and expenses.


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    Crow Bar

    Occasionally I see some articles or posts here and there about what it takes to sustain a larger groups, or what I think is more likely, a community.

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