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    April Day

    hello, Everyone! Found this forum through a link on another homesteading and dead/dying forum. Anyway, my dh & I cleared the land and built our own house 40 years ago. For most of that time we have earned our living at home and grew and gathered most of our food. We had to leave heating with a woodstove due to a serious accident & health problems but have now returned.


    We are back to gardening and have the fall crops started. I am so looking forward to breaking out the chainsaw once again and to chopping firewood and kindling but may to have buy a few cords for  this year’s heat.


    I am here to learn the how to’s of chainsaw carburetor replacement and a few other things and look forward to meeting you all. Have a great day and enjoy your work!  Love, Sunny!

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    Crow Bar

    That is awesome!


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    April Day

    Thank you for the welcome, Crow Bar !

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    Grizzlyette Adams

    Welcome to here, April Day.

    You must be glad to be getting back to heating with wood again. I love stepping outside to bring in another load of wood and smelling the wood smoke coming from my chimney… such a comforting aroma that smells like I’m-not-paying-a-fortune-for-a heating-bill!

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    Crow Bar

    We NEED a new wood furnace.
    The old one (came with the house) was made in 1983. And it is starting to show stress cracks in the front plate.

    Funny thing is, we save up dryer lint, and spent candle wax over the year. Then the wife makes fire starters in cardboard egg carts.
    When she starts a fire, I can smell the scents from the candle wax even outside!

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