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    Paul Darby

    Hello fellow forum members and Selco & Daisy!

    Here I sit, just got electricity, just got some cell phone receiption sometimes, just got a hot meal and a hot shower and a COLD room!

    It appears to be true, I more appreciate what I have, once it is missing from my world. Example: air-conditioning.

    My world today:

    I am right outside of Panama City Beach, Florida. Hurricane Michael just came thru and devastated our city and took some other surrounding cities off the map.

    I am awake, and what some would call weird as I do not have a TV, do not spend the day on facebook, do not microwave my food, eat food handed to me thru my car window, carry my cell phone with out a cover with me non-stop… I read, think, stay a healthy weight, train my body, constantly improve my skills with multiple methods to protect myself, my familty and others of my choosing, I plan, live, love, laugh, plan for the worst and hope for the best…

    Because of this, I was able to feed my family and others I offered to assist, have water, use the bathroom… with my newly constructed composting toilet, had lights due to multiple and redundant systems on hand such as solar battery chargers.

    Another thing I learned once again is true, one is none and two is one.

    When I got an email about this forum, I pretty much was a new member about 2 minutes later.

    I am looking forward to learning much and offering what I am able if asked.

    All my best,

    Paul Darby

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