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    Tarra Matyas

    For the past 5 years or so I have been studying Herbal medicine. My original interest was in alternatives for pain management and antibiotics. Is there anyone else who plans to incorporate on a large scale herbal remedies in their medical arsenal?

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    Agin’ Cajun

    You have certainly piqued my interest. As a retired druggist, who believes in holistic treatment, I am pleased to find a forum to share some herbal remedy knowledge. I will certainly monitor this thread and offer whatever insights I might afford and look forward to learning from others.

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    I have been incorporating herbs here and there. Headaches and cronic pain is pretty well covered. Unfortunately we have several medical issues that if supply lines were really, truly, and honestly cut off could be deadly. Epilepsy, asthma, food allergies, fun stuff.

    I want to find a way to have herbal options for epilepsy but at the same time, what they have works, and I am completely terrified of what would happen if their medication is suddenly gone. If my oldest son misses one dose, one pill, it’s game on, no second chances with him. My youngest isn’t much better.

    Asthma and allergies I can mitigate to a large extent, but full scale grand mal seizures, not so much.

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      Tarra Matyas

      I would encourage you to read the books by Stephen Harrod Buhner. The information in them is solid- providing not only insight into herbals and how they work- but the science behind it. It is a great place to begin for someone who has the ineterest

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    Wolf Brother

    Any number of current medicines trace their ancestry back to plants/herbs:

    Aspirin – willow tree bark
    Digitalis – foxglove
    are two off the top of my head.

    crazy me – MY OPINION – if you could present maybe an herb every couple of weeks or so in terms of common name and maybe a short blurb as to what it’s good for and a URL pointing to detail info you’d forever be on my good list. << Gee, it’s easy to ask other people to do stuff isn’t it? 🙂 >>

    I used to have a knowledgeable, gracious, and kind Herbalist internet friend known as Goat Lady who put up my questions. Sadly, she is no longer with us but I do try to keep her memory alive by mentioning her

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    Thank you Wolf Brother.

    One of our most used herbs is ginger for upset stomachs, indigestion and sometimes the headache that comes from it.

    We also use lemon balm for headaches quite a lot, it is very simple to grow if you have the right conditions.

    I use thyme as a simple tea for coughing, the kind that has no real reason, but it is just nagging and will not go away.

    I take 1000mg of turmeric nightly for pain and inflammation due to spinal damage in my neck. I am convinced it has saved my liver from Tylenol. I am using CBD oil also for this. It has helped for pain and I am pretty sure it helps with my allergies also, which is awesome.

    I don’t have any links on my computer right now, but there is quite a bit of information available, both online and in books.

    Mountain Rose Herbs sells several prepackaged loose teas that are quite nice.

    I’m sure there are many other herbal things I use but right now I am drawing a blank. It has been a very, very long day.

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    OldMt Woman

    I’ve heard….do your own research….but there is a lot of interest in the use of specialized CBD oil for seizures. They are using horticultural techniques to grow specialized plants that decrease the ‘high’ and increase the medicinal values. Not everyone responds to it but some respond marvelously. Here is just one example of news articles regarding this:


    Of course…it needs to be legal/available where you live. Please research carefully…fraud abounds everywhere. Illegal ‘grow’ houses are a rampant problem in states where the smoking of stuff is legal. Like crack houses, it’s disgusting what hidden indoor humidity, etc does to a normal house. But reputable companies are out there.

    And on the topic of herbal stuff in general: please keep in mind that it is not “completely safe”…just because it’s “natural”. Think hemlock… >.<

    That said, my DH is our expert but gets his commercially. Herbal and concentrated nutritional products in capsules, bottles, and pills. We are sick with flu/cold/usual gunk only about once in 5 yrs. However, if Stuff Hits Fan, he/we need to learn to create from the flower/bark/root/other and turn into tinctures, teas, salves, etc. Huge body of important knowledge. Need to learn what to combine and what NOT to combine. Some complex chemistry. But start simple.

    Question: Can we edit after hitting “submit”? How?

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    BTW – catnip (cataria nepeta) is great for menstrual cramps. And good as a calmative as well.

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    Dan the Old Guy

    I have heard the same thing as OldMt Woman, that for many, CBD oil works for seizures. I saw a story on TV about some Colorado growers that made a THC-less strain for a little girl. The link is below :


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    Daisy May mama

    Hello all. I’ve been taking herbal classes to prep. I’ve learned a lot about different herbs and how to prepare them.
    So, I’ve been growing herbs, I have them planted here and there, but they do well. The herbs i cannot grow, I get from Mt. Rose Herbs.I usually buy the mega packs of herbs, repack them in colored jars. (Ball jars every year put out colored jars. I have purple, blue, green, and this year is brown, bronze?) After putting the herbs in jars, I use my desk a meal attachment to suck the air out of jar. Herbs last about a year this way. I really should leave one jar for longer… 2 years, 3 years. Then test it.
    I am still learning and really am excited to talk to you all and get different ideas.

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    Daisy May mama

    Well. The part that says desk…
    I mean Seal a meal. The machine.

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    I have read up on CBD oil for seizures along with valerian and a few other herbs. CBD is promising, but expensive, but I did find it at EarthFare yesterday 🙂 I’d rather the whole plant but right now that is not legal here, yet. Voting in November has that option on the ballet! My daughter who has sleeping issues along with migraines told me point blank after using valerian once, she would never, ever use it again no matter how good it might be. It is putrid!!

    I stay away from sage because it can cause problems for people with seizures, although I haven’t seen any problems with my boys, it stills stays out of the house.

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    OldMt Woman

    @CrazyMe …your dd is correct about Valerian. 🙂 Like a lot of other herbals …many are BITTER, SLIMY, STINK…or whatever. A few can be camouflaged in honey or something. One of our friends hurt his back falling off a ladder. His description of Valerian: Smells like someone died in the bottle! 😮 But he held a deep breath and took it cuz it works. I think of him every time someone mentions Valerian’s stink!
    By the way, that was after having been put into gelatin capsules…which does help to get the stuff down. Capsules in different sizes and trays to fill them rather efficiently are sold at health food stores/Amazon, (if anyone doesn’t know that).

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    Thank you OldMtWoman. Ours was already in capsules, we knew the second I opened the bottle what we were up against. I wasn’t even willing to walk them back to the store cause I like the cashiers LOL.

    We use other herbs with hit and miss success depending on if the pain is from a regular headache, sinus, migraine or whatever poison is floating in the air. I have a glycerin tincture of skullcap and lemon balm I made that seems to work for headaches and mild migraines. We also use wild lettuce. When we have to, OTC meds are our last resort, unless we are rating a 20 on a 1-10 scale, then they are the first option.

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    Activated charcoal , either in powder or tablets . Very underrated with many uses .
    Ginger , will settle your stomach long enough , for you to get something else down .

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    Jade Jasmine

    I’ve been practicing herbal medicine for the last 20 years and already have a good amount of herbs packed away in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. I buy by the pound and I buy whole herbs and powder them as we use them. I keep a regular round of tinctures and extracts, make my own cough medicine and cough drops, medicinal tisanes and teas, minor wound healing salves, drawing salves, and a lot of other things. I love my herbs and I enjoy making all types of concoctions for my family. I also grow a lot of my herbs and practice wild crafting. Herbs are very handy and are easily grown. A medicine cabinet in your yard with beautiful blooms and benefits for the rest of the garden.

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    Tarra Matyas

    One of the best reads for me was a book by Stephen Harrod called ‘Herbal Antibiotics’ he also has another called ‘Herbal Anti-virals. I enjoyed both very much as the science is included- at times even difficult to read. I strongly encourage folks who may have concerns not only for pandemic- but also like me- the knowledge that even as we speak we are surrounded by resistant bacteria that we are not able to treat. MRSA, Staph, so many others. I have read each of these books a couple of times. They have offered soild advice- backed by science to help prepare medically. And also helped my understanding in general of what the difference between say a virus and a bacterial infections are- how they behave- how to treat. In my opinion solid information that has helped me build herbal blends that I have used for myself and family that are effective

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    There are a lot of good herbs for SHTF. Most folks take Metformin or Glucophage. Some take the newer “designer” type 2 drugs.
    Berberine. has been shown to be great for type 2 diabetics and SOME type 1’s it is very effective. Some have even removed metformin and use berberine. Exclusively. Word of advice. Before changing any life saving medication or even any medication please consult your doctor and consult a knowledgeable herbalist. Randomly trying out herbs to replace drugs with no knowledge is dangerous. Also don’t wait until SHTF to try a new medicine. Do it NOW. But do it with a safety net. Have someone on hand with what ever you need for rescue. D50 D25 Orange Juice. If trying an herbal BP med have your normal one on hand.

    There are some good herbs for hypertension including some very effective calcium channel blockers. Pain management has some good options also

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    I make a very effective salve with comfrey, olive oil and beeswax.  Also make one with Balsam Poplar tree buds also known as Balm of Gilead.

    Here is a link to directions for the last one:



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    She also has a recipe for bug repellent at that site with yarrow and essential oils.  I have tried lemon eucalyptus and it works fairly well.

    If you are already bitten you can pick a plantain leaf, chew it to a paste and put it on the bug bite for relief.  Plantain doesn’t taste bad either.

    Like some have said valerian stinks- like stinky feet even when you are digging it up to transplant.  The flowers have a wonderful smell though- at least I like it.

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    For mosquito and flies nothing works better than toxic permethrin. Once you know how to handle it it stores as powder nearly forever, one treatment of outter clothing is is good for a season.


    As added thermacel, look on you tube how to make refillable. On farm it works wonders during fly season, so does bat boxes and swallow nesting poles.

    Learning how to make arnica into paste and oils is a must for the for sure soreness that comes from a lifestyle shift to much more physical output.


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    Halle Corrine

    I have been studying the homeopathic system of medicine; but it can be complimented with herbalism, so I dabble in it here and there.

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