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    James Mitchner

    If anyone is going to post a link, especially to a news item, how about making a comment regarding your position to the subject of the link.  I read numerous news sites.  Likely I have already read the article linked.  Its a waste of time just throwing up a link without comment!

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    Sounds like a good idea. It’s more interesting for discussions, too 🙂

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    I’ll second that.

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    John Sloan

    Hello Daisy/Selco

    I recently posted (actually overposted as I get verbose alot … alot. Sorry. Trying to holdback.) on an OP article regarding use of force. There was a comment made about going to a crowded area, and presenting arms, so there would be witnesses if the situation went downhill.

    I wondered if someone, not the commentator of the above, would fire from a crowd for cover using people as shields or prevent being shot at. Taking hostages is a step away.

    My suggestion for an article: What types of people to avoid in the SHTF.

    People who appear to be friends or allies but will turn on a dime against you or leave you holding the bag when a situation arises. People who talk bravado but are weak inside. What would the character traits to watch out for?

    Thank you

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    SHTF , good rule of thumb . Trust no one , suspect everyone . Just understand , as in everyday life , there are no guarantees , there will always be somebody that is smarter , faster , etc. , etc . , than you are . Sort of like the life of a gunslinger in the old west , its not a question of if , its a question of when .

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    Crow Bar

    @john Sloan,

    Interesting premise.
    Have to mull on that one a bit.

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    @john Sloan

    Thanks John, that kind of article could be written, but in the essence Tolik put it very nicely what is (and how is) all about.

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