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    Hi from Sydney. (The real Sydney, Australia, not the other one!) Saying Hi so all you people on the other side of the world don’t think you are all alone and the only country that is going down the gurgler. (That’s the sink drain for you that don’t speak Or-atsalian.) Although we are a fairly peaceful lot immigration has changed the face of this country and it’s values are disappearing fast. It may also come as a surprise to you that we don’t know Crocodile Dundee personally and no one here carries a big knife, have never slept on the ground and 95 percent couldn’t throw a shrimp on the barbie with out burning it to a crisp. As a country we are fat, indebted, compliant and docile, ready for nothing. When the SHTF things here will be a bad as anywhere else.

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    G’day. I’m on the lower Eyre Peninsular, South Australia. Agree 100% with your outlook on our society. It’s stuffed!

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    Hi, Rainmaker! Thanks for joining us.

    I didn’t realize things were going to heck at the same rate of speed there, too. It’s interesting to me that we’re watching the exact same scenario play out all over the globe.

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    “Going to Heck” but no body here is awake. Please, please can I be wrong.

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    Molly Malone

    @rainmaker, I suppose like most Americans I had romantic ideas about Australia being like the Old American West. And I thought Australia might be spared the migrant invasion due its isolation. I am sorry to hear that the forecast for your country is as depressing as the forecast for the U.S. It sounds like a coordinated invasion of Europe and the European diaspora.

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    Hi Molly. We actually don’t have an open border like Europe. We turn back the boats and put people in camps in other countries under contract. Until recently even sick children were not allowed to enter Australia from the unregulated invasion. But unfortunately the immigration of people who hate our culture because we don’t have their (stone age) religion is a growing threat. African gangs are ruling the streets in one major city, and we have special “Middle Eastern” police squads to counter the gangs from the Islamic paradises. All of which makes us “raciest” but still they try to force their way into the country. You would think that they would go to a paradise where they weren’t “hated” wouldn’t you? We don’t have the numbers that they have in Europe but we have the same people with the same demands and cultural ignorance and arrogance.

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