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    I am pretty sure the army and marines use 00 buck in their shotguns, so that is my preference.  I keep 1 buckshot and slugs as well, but in smaller number.  And then I have #6 for hunting.

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    The training for shot gun when done right you can  use predicted  pattern to hit with the stray pellets. Plus best hits are with cut shells.

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    I have two types in my KSG , one tube is Hexolit 32 , the other is either #4 shot , or turkey load . In the close confines of a house , its most likely to be 10 feet or less . Either one will be a bad day for a perp . Especially the Hexolit . G2 research puts out a fragmenting slug …………very nasty .

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    With buckshot you really need to pattern your gun to see what it likes and what it’s effective range is with each load.

    For years I ran an 870 with 000 outside the house because it shot sub-8″ at 50y. But 00 inside the house because it was hard pressed to keep everything on a 12″ paper plate at 20y.

    One day we were out screwing around in a prairie dog field. I had a bunch of old buck to dispose of, and it was interesting to see what each load patterned on the hillside out to @125y.

    Some loads were covering a vast area, highly educational.

    Paul Harrell has a number of very interesting videos on YouTube that are worth the time. Including some on effective ranges, shot size and more.

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