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    But Apple is safer than a PC, I saw it on a commercial.


    Funny as I recall, Firefox (Netscape)  has historically been safer than any other browser.

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    I have both Safari and Firefox . Firefox is a back up browser for me . Its ok , but I’ve always found it kind of clunky and disorganized , compared with Safari .  Camino , was an old browser for mac , it was wonderful ! Then they stopped making it , so you had to go back to Safari .

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    Crow Bar

    According to the article, it only affects PC/Windows and Macs.
    No mention of *nix boxes.

    I use FireFox, but have a number of add ons to make it more my own.

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    As do I @Crow Bar. I checked mine yesterday and it already had the latest release. There is a setting to automatically check  for updates, and I have that turned on.

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    That why using linix are your os and either tor, brave or duck duck go for browser is a safer. For anything you want kept safe have a one way only air gaped sytem.


    What they are fearful of is a dos from a local.bot farm. It’s way harder to stop as you can restrict flow of bandwidth from offending country. Anyone who runs windows 10 and apple are vulnerable due to nsa having its best hack and back door key stolen and sold on dark net about 9 months ago.


    This is why no back doors should.exist it’s easy for others to exploit along with government abuse of power .

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    Also think about it they can au to update any thing they department  of homeland security wants you to update ..  why?  New terms of service  you click ok without reading?  What is hidden in it? Why  would they care about you unless the benifit to those liars is immense and you are getting screwed somehow. Be wary of the government  is here to help expecially the groping security theater branch. Nothing they touch ever is in your best interest.

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