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    OldMt Woman

    That’s nice to know. I’m not able to do a lot of strenuous things for extended periods.  Well, I have been known to awkwardly run if there is a lightning storm coming or other such things.  [airports, Daisy?]  But I’ve always kept up by doing things in spurts, as is mentioned.  Some days the spurts are short…10 minutes.  Still…10 minutes of getting physical things accomplished every hour or every other hour is better than nothing.  Especially if you plan what truly needs to be done in those spurts.  Some days are better…much better!  But one has to watch not to pay such a price the next day…just sayin’.

    Then there is walking dog.  Only a few days when I’m totally not able to do that…at least to the ‘first marker’.  Tonite was the first time in a while I’ve gone to the average distance and back.  🙂  Helps to not be wearing heavy layers of clothes.  But…that too is reality and “weight training” …when possible.  I’m always careful to chose footwear that will not add to the burden…if I had to get outta Dodge.  I want the best chance.

    I’ll just keep doing what I can do….under whatever circumstances arrive each day.

    OldMtWoman  …..down at lower altitudes, I’d be considered an athlete!  LOL

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