How are you preparing your children for adversity?

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    I think this is probably the right place for this, but feel free to move it if necessary.

    What are you doing to help prepare your kids?

    Around here we participate in 4-H and it is a great resource. You wouldn’t believe how many prepping related skills can be learned for a low cost through Extention programs. Gardening, food preservation, shooting sports, geospatial (map skills!), animal science, sewing, hiking/camping/backpacking, first aid, the list goes on and on.

    The kids take a martial arts class 2-3 times a week. My husband takes the adult version so he can work with them at home.

    We have been casual hikers for years (lots of little people make for a slow pace and a mama less inclined to try more challenging terrain) and recently started geocaching. The treasure hunting aspect is a big draw for the kids. We haven’t done much camping because of my husband’s training/deployment schedule was a big hurdle, but that is an area we want to improve on.

    We homeschool and require a lot of independent reading. We really want the kids learning how to learn. Of course, we are there when they are struggling but we really try to instill the habit of fortitude when it comes to seeking how to understand things. We have a large library (slowly acquired with good quality used books) so even if a big SHTF situation happens there are enough materials in the house to get a basic education (enough to be a citizen capable of voting, analyzing and communicating).

    We don’t talk doom and gloom around the house. I don’t think it is healthy for kids to feel their parents are living in fear. We do talk about basic preparedness and take advantage of rural electricity problems to have “little adventures” testing our preparedness for when there is no electricity and therefore no well water available.

    I’ve been sure to provide books like The Litte House on the Prairie series, My Side of the Mountain and other books that deal with survival.

    Does anyone else have ideas for healthy ways to prepare kids? Book lists? Game ideas?

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    Mouse Wizard

    Depends on what you envision their future will look like. I prepped mine with land navigation, survival skills including locating water, archery, bladed weapons including their own swords. Then there are skills. Water collection and purification, battery charging and maintenance, fabrication of medicines, bicycle maintenance, saw sharpening, really basic tech where people will be salvaging old stuff and trying to make it work in a world where all the ammo got used up long ago.

    The way things are going it’ll look like Book of Eli during their adult lives. I’m trying to prep them with appropriate tools and skills.

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    Battery charging and maintenance, that is definitely something I haven’t thought of. Thanks!

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