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    log man

    Yeah, I know its a little late for this question. I have a sufficient quantity of ammo and a number of mags, but I also have quantities of stripper clips for both 223 and 308. I plan to fill those stripper clips over the next couple of days. My question is how best to carry the loaded stripper clips?

    I have an old bandolier that is stamped “Cal 30 30Ball M2 8 RD Clips LC 42346”. There are a couple of the cardboard pieces with it and those are for 30-06 and Garand clips. I think I probably have a 223 bandolier, but I haven’t found it yet. I had intended to have my daughter sew me up a bunch of bandoliers, but now it is too late for that.

    I’ve got a couple of cross shoulder bags I could carry the loaded stripper clips in, but they will just be sliding around which would be ok in the house, but noisy in the field.

    Any suggestions for carrying loaded stripper clips? Something I could make or buy, if available (links appreciated)?



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    log man

    Never mind, I should have search ebay first.

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    Crow Bar

    I have seen them a few times on Midway USA, under the military surplus, but when I checked after you posted this, they dont have them listed.

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    log man

    I found a couple on ebay, like $15 for surplus 223 bandoliers complete with stripper clips, cardboard, safety pin and the cloth bandolier itself. 308 bandoliers complete for $20, early 1960s vintage. No doubt those were used for the M14 rifle on which the M1A was modeled, except the M1A is semi-auto and the M14 was select fire.Certainly I would like to have several of each, but the price is just to high.

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    using stripper clips for m1a means you can’t use a over the port optic mount like a sadlak. The chance you need to use a striper clip during active engagement is small, they where meant for quick reloads in the field during lulls in combat. Many soldiers say the field resupply for m14 came preloaded stripper clips, not that old to know that.


    For m1a it’s better to have 20 round parkerized mags and get used to doing quick rocking mag changes.


    For m1 garand the clips direct load Into breech and watch for garand thumb. Many  carried extra clips in pouches the movie idea of using sling as a carry is a no go as your ammo gets dirty as you are moving through a dirty environment and putting dirty ammo in well. I have heard stories of guys aquiring 30 cal pouches and using them to store the garand clips

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    Depending on what gun, and how many clips you want to carry, the old style German leather pouches are still great.

    New and reproduction, good quality stuff so far.

    I run an old Mauser, so these are great.

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