How long is extra virgin olive oil good?

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      Bought some extra virgin olive oil 2 days ago. It has no expiration date that I can find. Anybody what the shelf live is? Forever, maybe?

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      Fake Olive Oil is EVERYWHERE! Here Are 7 Popular Brands You Should Stop Buying NOW

      Fake olive oil everywhere there is supposedly an olive oil mafia

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      Mama cando

      I was told last year that REAL olive oil has a shelf life of about a year or two depending on how it’s stored. It CAN be frozen but only for 5 years. I had some (store brand, supposedly real) in the lower pantry that got overlooked. Lasted about 1.5 years, unfrozen, had 5 bottles go bad but supposedly can use it in the oil lamps without problems. Haven’t tried it in the oil lamps yet. I know,  gotta try it before any problems develop. it’s on the list of things to do this year.

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      Well , let me put it this way . They have pulled up olive oil from ROMAN shipwrecks , and if the seal was not compromised , was still edible .

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      OldMt Woman

      @Namelus…..I think you might have given me a clue about why my LAMPS will not burn.  Possibly not the HIGH altitude….or the design of my ‘expedient’ oil lamps….  Maybe it’s the olive oil?

      From the article above:
      Quote….If the oil you put in the fridge doesn’t thicken at all, though, then you know for sure that the oil is fake.
      2. Extra virgin olive oil should be flammable enough to keep an oil lamp burning. However, this test isn’t that dependable, for the same reasons mentioned above. But if the oil doesn’t keep the wick of an oil lamp burning, you know that it contains mostly refined oils. End Quote
      OldMtWoman …renewed hope for high altitude expedient oil lamps…mebbe?

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      On Penterest there are instructions on how to make olive oil lamps. I am going to try one out. I do have some oil that is way out of date. So saving it for just this purpose. It will be a couple of months before I get that DIY going, but will let you know how it turns out.

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