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    Notta Maerealname

    Hello everyone! I’m a new transplant to OK from CA. SO glad to be out of there and into the fresh air! I rent now, but am looking into a place to homestead. I’m looking forward to learning more and getting better prepared.

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    Good idea getting out of CA. I did too.  First thing I did was buy 20 round magazines for my Ruger, got my concealed carry license, bought a Gen4 Glock 17… All things I could not do in CA.

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    Crow Bar

    Howday and welcome Notta Maerealname!

    Did you have a homestead in CA?

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    Notta Maerealname

    No, it’s so crazy expensive and I’m a single mom of 2.  So I’m hoping to get a good job out here and find something I can afford while still having extra to prep.

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      Crow Bar

      Sounds like a good plan.

      if ya have questions there are a lot of people here who have some really good experiences.
      And then there is me! (fun sarc) 🙂

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    Notta Maerealname

    Thanks! Might just take you up on that someday 😉

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    Mama cando

    Welcome Notta, You’ll find this group to be really helpful I’ve learned a lot.

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    <b>Hi notta</b> there are 5hings you can prep for little or now money. One of the things is if you have space for a small veggie garden and two chickens or rabbits… it’s better to learn small where mistakes are less costly and expirience transfers.


    Daisy has  articles on cheap and no cost prep things you can do to start

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    Casey Stengel

    Hi y’all, I’m CaseyStengel. I’m from the NW mountains of NC but I’ve been living in Greece for about 3 years.

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    Welcome. Glad you are here. Its a wonderful community

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    Crow Bar

    Welcome Casey!
    how are things in Greece?

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