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    This sets a very bad precedent.  If it is successful, this will become a requirement of every public activity.

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    Wow – not good. And you can imagine it’ll also be required for school, public transportation, entering certain buildings…the list goes on.

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    Limiting their liability, not that it would stand up.

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    This is an issue we must make viral so people have a heads up to what is coming!!! If allowed to stand by any entity, then all will jump on the bandwagon to require proof of vaccination. Access to all public travel means, going to school or college, going to work anywhere, entering any public building, ad infinitum….

    In a similar camel’s nose under the tent, governments will withhold funds from schools if parents don’t comply with distance learning while schools remain closed. Already being done in Kansas City school districts. State department of education says the school districts will lose student funding if parents don’t sign the contract/agreement.

    It seems to me those who will control us have already managed to win over a significant number of sheep with their mask mandates. I rather suspect the vaccination mandate is next. The Federal government can do the same thing to states who refuse to comply with any Federal mandate. Withhold funding.

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    This is bad news and why we have the constitution.  Legally they cannot force us to get that vaccine. But they will try to shove it down our throats with threats. I say lets line up all the Dems and let them get it first. If no side effects which I think there will be, as they are coming out with something that takes at  the least 2 or 3 years to make. it has been less than a year. Children going to school, the parents will be threatened with taking the children away from them. Mark of the Beast anyone.

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      As reports have come in this week regarding increasing numbers, this is going to get “interesting”. The new mandates by varying states are.concerning.

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    This is what I have found out about this vaccine so far. Lot’s of research to do. This vaccine is not what people think it is.

    This is in the vaccine:  from Astrazentia

    ChADOX1-S (recombinant)  Recombinant DNA is gene cloning.   MRC-5 = aborted male fetus lung tissue of a male 14 week old fetus.  also MHRA PEG chemical. Not sure what this is.

    As I said, this needs to be researched so we will know what they are trying to do. The side effects from this vaccine will not be good at all.

    Mederna also is in on this. Wondering if it is a way to control we the people or to try to kill us off slowly. But one thing is for sure, I will never get this vaccine.

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