I am starting the third week of sheltering in place. Surprised that it is hard

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    Terri Hooper

    I have been a prepper for a while, and we lack for nothing. It is still surprising how hard the mental part has been! It is spring and I have plenty to do around my tiny homestead. But, in the past whenever I felt restless I would simply drive to town and do the shopping or run errands, and as a person in a high risk group I no longer do so. Yes, on Sunday my husband and I have been taking a drive, which means that I can see new faces and new scenery but it is STILL hard.

    I have always been a homebody, and I did not expect it to be so DEPRESSING to shelter in place. But this is a real drag!

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    Crow Bar

    Terry, you are not the first person I have heard say something like that.
    Also been seeing “cabin fever” a lot too.

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      Terri Hooper

      I have decided that the biggest stress is the lack of having anything new or different. I am feeling a bit better because I have a new burn barrel. I burned once yesterday and once today, and now I feel quite a bit better

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      Crow Bar

      We got a roll on/roll off dumpster yesterday.
      Cleaned out the shed, the basement and some of the attic before it was full. And we did all that in about an hour and a half!

      The wife was talking to the lady about having the dumpster delivered. The lady said they are non-stop busy! She usually lets people keep these things to fill for a whole week. Nope! Demand is so up, she could only give us 4 days!

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    Andy Pedley

    Hi World I have been in Isolation for 3 weeks today here in New Zealand.I am a week ahead of the official government lockdown.I thought I would share some thoughts as NZ went hard early and we are now hearing we may be the only western country to totally irradiate Covid 19 over the next few weeks.

    We have 4 official levels ( probably a few more unofficial) we jumped from level 2 to 4 (highest government level) in 2 days with the government declaring National disaster status all at same time and along with that special law enforcement rules.

    We have been instructed to stay indoors only go out for exercise and that should be close to your house…everything is closed…No driving unless for essential food or medical items …regular police stops whereby you need a letter stating you are essential work force…..It sounds extreme but there are so many unprepared or people flaunting the rules it had to be instigated.It stops looting crime drug dealing …they stopped all hunting permits and fishing permits…Which really sucks because April is our biggest hunting month.But by doing it there are no people carrying guns or putting Search and Rescue personnel at risk.It called your “bubble”.As a result New Zealand have  only 1500 cases 4 in ICU and 1 death we reached our apex over a week ago.Numbers have been level for a week.If not going down.What we are seeing is lock your self in your “bubble” as soon as possible for your own safety It’s such a relief to know at day 14 if you will be virus free.Every time you leave your bubble or have anyone  thing come into you bubble your compromised.Create a

    mindset that’s positive this shouldn’t be called a lock down by it a an excuse to spend quality time with your family.Everybody here has personal fitness regimes all the home DIY jobs are getting done…business are getting hit hard people will go bankrupt but as peepers you should be prepared for the world to change both socially and financially during unpresidented rimes..Unfortunately the USA didn’t act early enough we will be in lock down for officially 4 weeks but looking now more like 6 …you guys looking a lot longer.Be prepared gather info from as many trusted sources as possible then take the middle ground media government and even you mother-in-law tend to over sensationalise….and won’t ever tell you the entire truth best thing hope for best case scenario but be prepared for worse trust your preparedness…I am hence nothing about this shocks me…Everything worldwide will change in short term anyway such as we won’t be going on overseas holidays for next 12 months minimum definitely not a cruise…but enjoying the sight in NZ isn’t a hardship… good luck and stay safe….

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      Crow Bar

      Thank you Andy for that boots on the ground reporting from NZ.
      I appreciate the insight.

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    Loving Life

    Third week here in rural Upstate NY. I am fairly self-sufficient here.

    First week, I inventoried immediate supplies and bought fresh fruit and vegetables, plus a few extra such as extra seeds, planting supplies, propane tanks, etc. Thankfully, I had most items needed to hunker down for at least 6 months.

    Second week, I did some organization, took lots of walks, and cooked.

    Third week, I am reviewing all my supplies. I am worried about future supply chain interruptions. Also, I haven’t listed my house outside Philadelphia and am a little worried about real estate. I was supposed to list mid-April. I have just started to get a little antsy, but I have the incredible outdoors here to enjoy. I have been accomplishing lots of little projects.

    I have the feeling that the next few weeks will be harder.

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      Crow Bar

      @Loving Life,
      Okay, bad news, I am seeing a massive housing crash in the very near future.
      While I could be wrong, as I am not an economist/real estate agent, I only play one on TV (and half a dozen other occupations).
      If the Philly residence is in a desirable location, I would say sell and sell fast. Even if you have to take it at a lower cost. There are those who will see it as a deal and pick it up fast.
      In short, unload it.
      The housing crash has yet to really happen. May, June, July are looking to be brutal.
      Past that, maybe even worse.

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    Loving Life

    @crow bar.
    I see the housing downturn coming too. I am unsure whether it will be a crash and to what extent.

    Fortunately, my Pennsylvania house is in a very established sought after suburb and I have over 60% equity in the house. My realtor is not concerned; she thinks mid-May will be a good time to list with people finishing up lockdowns and low interest rates. I do have about two weeks of work (painting, minor work, landscaping) to do on the house before listing. I am hesitant to leave my NY rural area for at least another week or so. I do have minimal supplies (about a month worth or so) at Pennsylvania house and could relocate some supplies.

    In addition to a self-sufficient life here in Upstate NY, I have supplies and such at the NY house (fully paid off). I don’t feel any panic or anxiety; but when I watch/read the news and all it’s hype, I get the feeling I should really be panicked like the majority of the sheep. The next few months will be harder as we experience more supply chain disruptions. I am not worried as I have an emergency fund, plenty of supplies, and a good set up here in NY. Should I be worried? How worried is everyone else?

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      Crow Bar

      @Loving Life,
      Dont be panicked or too terribly worried.
      Most of the ones really panicking are the ones whom have never really had to think beyond next week. Most of them do not garden, or really consider where their food comes from, other than the restaurant or grocery store. Both are always opened and well stocked.
      Then not being opened and stocked is what is freaking them out. They are not used to it let alone consider the possibility.
      I will only get to that point if people start stealing or bullets start to fly.
      I am hoping we do not get to that point.
      But the idea that many have that we will get back to normal after this thing is over, if it ever truly is over, I think is not realistic.
      We will get through it. It is not a meteor strike life ending event. But a lot of things are going to change. What that looks like is anyones guess.

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      Loving Life

      @crow bar. Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t really stressing over this that much, but then I talked with someone and they couldn’t believe I wasn’t worried because of the PA house. That’s why I posted to get a second opinion of like minded folks rather than the sheep.

      You are correct that those that haven’t accomplished any planning are panicking. When everything started hitting the fan in February, I went to my inventory list. Reviewing the list calmed me. I have stores and supplies to last more than 18 months, plus seeds for gardening.

      Over the last couple years, I have managed to get a nice set up started here in Upstate. Other than the PA house, I am fairly well set. I must remember that we cannot plan for every variation of every contingency.

      I now know that at about week 3-5 of sheltering in place, I start second guessing too much! Lol.

      I am back to staying the course and back to original plan of staying put until near end April, then hitting the OA house hard for two weeks and listing it mid to end May. I will list to sell and thankfully I have tons of equity.

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    @lovinglife  https://www.blackstone.com/ they buy a lot of realestate they can close in 24 hours… there should be a rep in Philly.



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    I don’t know your other circumstances, family, etc. I don’t have any real estate to sell. Like you my house is paid for and we have a few months supplies. But I wouldn’t leave here for anything but the drug store, bank and walmart pickup. If you want to fix up the house in PA, then I would do so, BUT I would not leave my safe place, my paid for house and my supplies to do it. Can’t you fix the house up remotely, from NY? Unless fixing up the house puts you in difficult financial position, you can take another look at the world and PA situation after the house is fixed up. Presuming you won’t have to sell it to fix it up. So what I’m saying is consider the first step of fixing it up, and when that is finished, stop and decide if that is the right time to sell. I hope this helps.

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    Loving Life

    Thanks for all the responses on the house situation. I have decided to stay in place for at least another week. I will look at the situation week by week.

    Referencing the question of the fix up, the majority of the work I need to do is about 1 week of cleaning/decluttering/minor painting and 1 week of exterior work including landscaping/cleaning windows and gutters/ touch up painting. Nothing major.

    I hope everyone is staying safe and sane!

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    Chesty Puller

    Im here in rural PA also. Been furloughed for 4 weeks now. I am at least  reassured I’ll return to work, probably first week in May. I’ve been using this time to get caught up on home, auto repairs. Prep our garden, done some reloading. Which sucks because my normal range is closed. Only place I can shop other than food is Lowes and Tractor Supply. But at least its keeping me busy. Im 50+ veteran. Been paying attention for the last 30 years. My gut tells me there’s much more to this whole thing. I pray i’m wrong and we can get things back on track.

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